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Portable Toilet Hire Prices

Whether you’re organising a workforce at a site with no existing facilities or planning an event for hundreds of people, hiring portable toilets is essential for ensuring the comfort and convenience of your staff or guests.

Due to the sheer number of portable toilet companies in the UK and the resultant competitiveness of the market, there is significant downward pressure on portable toilet hire prices, which is great for the buyer. However, it also means that prices are hard to come by online.

In order to give the worksite manager or event planner an idea of the budget they’ll need for their WCs, we’ve compiled this short guide to portable loo hire prices.

Single Self-Contained Portable Toilet

The familiar ‘Tardis’ style portaloo. These units require no mains power or water connections which means they can be used almost anywhere. Great for outdoor events and the cheapest portable toilet option available. To hire one of these units for less than a week will cost around £70-80. If you’re hiring for a longer period you’ll be paying about £25 per week.

Single Unit with Mains Connection and Warm Hand Wash

Same style as above but with mains connections for water and drainage and warm hand wash facilities required by employment law legislation. Ideal for longer term worksites. They cost around £30 per week to hire.

Single Unit with Warm Hand Washing, No Mains

For worksites where warm hand wash is required but no mains connections are available. Around £40-50 per week including emptying, cleaning, servicing and replenishment of supplies.

Disabled Portable Toilet

A single unit as above but with access for wheelchair users, hand rails and a low level toilet. Available for use with or without mains connection. Around £40-50 per week or £130 for a one off hire of less than a week.

Luxury Portable Toilet Trailers

Decorated in tasteful designs and with sinks that offer hot running water, soap and hand driers or towels, these trailer mounted units are ideal for weddings, parties and corporate events. They come in several set ups: choose between units with six separate WCs each with a sink (or 5 WCs and one baby changing room) or units split into male and female sides with a mixture of urinals and cubicles for the gents. Available to hire for a few days for £500 - £1,000 depending on model required. For longer hire periods you’re looking at £400+ per week.

Obviously these prices are intended as a rough guide to help you budget for your event. If you’re hiring several toilets there will probably be ample scope for negotiations with your suppliers. Getting quotes from several different companies will also help you find the keenest mobile toilet hire prices. So don’t be afraid to ring around.

Approved Index aims to make it as simple and as straightforward as possible to gather and compare portable toilet hire prices. Just fill out one simple form to get quotes from up to 4 leading toilet suppliers today.

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