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Good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) means knowing your customers inside out so you can tailoer your products, services and marketing to them. It’s all very well training your sales team to get record numbers of new customers on board but unless you can keep those customers happy and keen to repeat their purchases you'll never get close to generating the maximum possible amount of revenue. A CRM system is simply a set of software tools for keeping track of your customers and managing your contact with them in order to shape their experience of your company.

The Benefits of a CRM System

A CRM system collects data about your customers, tracking their preferences, decisions and responses at every stage of the buying cycle. The database that the CRM system builds up can then be used keep you up to date with what customers like and dislike about your service, and inform your future marketing and sales strategies. Studies have shown that a tailored CRM system can increase your sales by 40-50 percent.

For sales and marketing a CRM system can:

  • Automate email campaigns
  • Make managing your customer data simple and straightforward
  • Provide powerful tools for organising and analysing data to build customer profiles and segment your customer base
  • Integrate with Outlook for contact scheduling
  • Speed up order processing and customer registration
  • Deliver in-depth reporting on sales performance
  • Allow tracking of marketing campaigns and calculation of ROI

The right CRM system and software solution will also ease communication difficulties that can arise in any business. An efficient CRM system can enable contact with customers across a range of communication channels such as phone, email, fax, web, sms, post and in person. This is especially useful for companies with many lines of business entailing an overlap of services. By joining up these departments through a shared database you can helo them make customers feel they are dealing with a single, unified organisation that recognises them from previous transactions. This type of integration will help to improve how the customer views you as a company - a unified approach can pay dividends through enhanced customer retention and improved cross- and up-selling rates.

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