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Welcome to Approved Business Phone Lines, the leading online buyer's tool for comparing quotes from the top Business Phone Line providers based in the UK.

Tectrix Solutions Ltd BT Local Business Chilli Telecom Limited Vision Corporate Services Ltd

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In an age when telecommunications are quick, reliable and relatively cheap even the smallest of businesses make hundreds of calls every week - sales and customer service teams will spend hour upon hour on the phone administering the personal touch that 21st century customers crave. So it's absolutely essential that you find the right business phone lines package - one which not only will give you the highest call capacity for the lowest price but which also guarantees reliability 24/7. Remember, every dropped call is a potential customer loss.

Approved Index aims to make it as easy as possible to pick a business telephone provider - letting you compare quotes at no expense and with no obligation to buy - and save time and money on your business phone line purchase.

Business Phone Line Options

Providers of business phone lines offer a range of contracts for both landlines and mobiles. Generally your business is charged per month, and the cost per month usually drops as the length of contract increases. The charge includes the cost of the calls and the cost of line rental, with additional fees for adding new lines.

Business phone line prices are made up of:

  • Cost of installation
  • Line rental
  • Local call charges
  • National call charges
  • 0870 call charges
  • Free minutes - might be included as part of the line rental price
  • Capped charges - might be offered for local, national or mobile calls
  • International call charges - vary between suppliers so check the rates for the countries you expect to be calling

If you're changing contract to a new provider then you'll be able to keep your old numbers, even if you're getting new lines.

Choosing a Provider of Business Telephone Services

The perfect telephone services supplier is one that can provide the best rates on your current usage and requirements as well as provid ethe flexibility to cope with your changing hardware requirements, supplying you a phone system that encompasses all the essential tools that your business requires.

Our business phone lines suppliers offer a range of services including:

  • Installation and on-going support
  • Telephone equipment and other essential items
  • Phone line rental
  • Monthly talk plans
  • Phone line transfer
  • Business broadband

Purchasing several of these products rolled into the same package often offers significant savings so it's an option worthy of consideration should you be free to switch suppliers.

Business Phone Line Quotes

Approved Index has assembled a group of companies that represent the very best in the UK business phone line market, making the process of comparing quotes and choosing a supplier as simple and as straightforward as possible.

If you require Business Phone Lines for a new office, or you are looking to transfer to a new phone line provider, just fill in our simple enquiry form to receive quotes from up to 4 companies that provide Business Phone Lines. It's as simple as that.

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Alliance and Leicester

" As someone who was 'volunteered' to arrange a party for around 200 people with a 'different theme' I had no idea where to start. The person from Approved Index was incredibly helpful and put me in touch with a range of companies who came back to me very quickly. I would definitely use Approved Index again. "

OASSIS Applications Analyst, Alliance and Leicester

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