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M-Eleven Marketing

M-Eleven Marketing

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LONDON (GREATER) 8 New Farm Drive



M-Eleven are a website design company with web designers who have 10 years experience of web design and have been offering website design and the development of websites for a decade. Our website designers can web design on either a bespoke or CMS system. All web design is of the highest standard and our web designers are also careful to add SEO in to their web design which is not always the case with other web designers. We feel that web design does not need to be complicated and our website designers only talk plain English with no tech talk. Websites can be the key to success with a company and the web designers used have a responsibility to offer web design or website design that is up-to-date and expandable along with the growth of the company. Our web design works.


«Vision are a local leisure trust with 6 leisure units that they manage. they needed web designers to offer CMS web design that meant managers could change parts of the website without the knowledge of web designers. They feel this works very well.»

"This florist wanted affordable website design that allowed them to showcase all the floral work they offer to customers. Ten plus galleries later and the client is extremely happy with the feel and layout and calls our web designers for updates."

"An affiliate based website which needed CMS and e-commerce. A mixture of work carried out by our web designers and the client has led to a successful affiliate business within the gifts sector with SEO giving top page rankings for over 15 searches."

Case Studies:

Celebration Moments

Customer contacted us after seeing one of our websites ( and really liked the simple yet effective web design used. They also realised that as the site was high on it's relevant search terms the company seemed to have a good knowledge of SEO work. Brief was to reM


Website designed for customer as an affiliated marketing site.


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