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Direct Mailing Lists UK

Welcome to Approved Direct Mailing Lists, the leading online buyer's tool for comparing quotes from leading Direct Mailing List Suppliers based in the UK.

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The direct mailing list brokers in our directory are some of the largest and most established companies in Europe. Make contact with our suppliers, explain what you need, and they'll be able to provide you with targeted, opt-in lists of the contacts that you need to reach. Buying a mailing list has never been simpler.

Direct Mail: Alive and Kicking

Direct mail marketing has faced increasing competition in recent years from other forms of marketing like email and social media marketing. But despite the digital revolution it's still a highly effective way of generating sales and promoting your brand.

  • Over 60% of all prospect mail gets opened
  • The average UK consumer spends £600 as a result of direct mail advertising each year
  • Direct mail response rates actually increased between 2004 and 2010 (from 4% to 5% on average)

Where an email can easily be deleted or filtered out as junk and where social media can easily be ignored, the physical presence of a piece of mail demands our atention an excites our curiosity. This keeps direct mail marketing at the head of the pack when it comes to establishing and developing relationships between businesses and their customers.

Approved Index can help you find the right direct marketing company to boost the effectiveness and return of your campaigns by providing quality data and fulfilment expertise.

Direct Marketing is Precision Marketing

True direct marketing, executed by a professional firm, will avoid any accusation of being junk mail at the same time as maximising response rates. This is achieved through a precise selection of prospect data and strict adherence to industry best practice.

Genuine direct mail prospects are chosen on the basis that:

  • They have given their permission to be contacted;
  • Their contact details have been recently checked for accuracy;
  • Their details are not on a list of gone-aways, deceased or recently bereaved;
  • They are eligible for the product or service being marketed.

Whether you're looking for top business CEOs or consumers from a certain, specific demographic, our suppliers can put together the best available, perfectly targeted list of prospects to make your direct marketing campaign pay.

Find a Direct Mail List Supplier

We can put you in touch with several direct mail companies with proven experience in both consumer and B2B campaigns.

They can offer:

  • Databases specified to cover various forms of media, i.e. opt-in mailing address lists, telemarketing and email data
  • Segmentation of data dependant on whether you are interested in Consumer or B2B lists. Consumer Direct Mailing Lists can be sorted by geographic location, age, sex, income, interests, lifestyle, purchasing habits, credit rating, charities, magazine subscriptions, investments and house ownership. Business Direct Mailing Lists can be sorted by geographic location, line of business, credit rating, company size, job roles, business magazine subscriptions and directorships
  • Data cleansing and verification services
  • Data enhancement as well as analytic and strategic consulting.

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