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UK postage costs have risen steadily at a rate well above inflation since the Royal Mail was given permission to set its own prices.

On April 30th 2012 the price of a 1st class stamp rose from 46p to 60p - an increase of just over 30%- and the price of a 2nd class stamp from 36p to 50p - a rise of nearly 40%.

On April 2nd 2013 Royal Mail introduced additional changes to parcel pricing. In some cases the cost of sending a parcel has gone up by over 100%.

If your business can't avoid sending out traditional mail then these price hikes could impact heavily on your bottom line. The simplest and most readily available method of mitigating the damage is to buy or lease a franking machine from a Royal Mail approved supplier. As long as the volume of post you send out is high enough, you'll begin making savings immediately. You'll probably save some time on licking stamps too.

To make the process of comparing franking machines and the companies that supply them easier, Approved Index provides franking machine quotes for small businesses as well as larger corporations. There are many different models available from a variety of suppliers - we can help you to find the right one to suit your business requirements.

Franking Machines: How Much Can I Save?

Franking machines provide the benefit of a cheaper price for almost all Royal Mail postage products - from a simple 2nd class letter through to special delivery packages. Before recent price changes were announced this saving was rather modest which meant that in order to make obtaining a machine worthwhile it was necessary to send out high volumes of mail. Now however, you can save 38% of the face value of a 2nd class stamp (31p as opposed to 50p) by using a franking machine which makes the prospect much more attractive even to fairly low volume postal users.

Typical savings from franking as of 2nd of April 2013:

  • Save 34% on a 2nd class stamp
  • Save up to 21% on a 1st class large letter
  • Save up to 18% on a small 2nd class parcel
  • Save up to 16% on a medium first class parcel
  • Save up to 14% on a medium first class signed for parcel

From these savings it's clear that franking machines now represent better value to the business customer than ever and, with internet retailing going from strength to strength, are sure to see a huge uptake in 2013.

Franking Machines for Small Businesses

Medium sized or small businesses may be better off choosing from the variety of low-volume franking machines. These compact machines have an integrated scale in order to save space, and offer the option of franking letters or small parcels. Franking machines for small business can usually be found starting at prices of around £1,000 to purchase with many leasing deals available from our Approved Index suppliers. Leasing deals often include some level of service cover and sometimes even consumables (i.e. ink) are included.

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If you want to speed up your mailing process as well as save up to 34% on your postage prices, the franking machines suppliers in Approved Index's carefully put together directory are available to provide quotes quickly and with no obligation to buy.

Just fill in our simple enquiry form to receive up to 4 free, no-obligation quotes from the UK's leading suppliers and head off those stamp price increases before they become a reality.

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