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Welcome to Approved Sales Training, the leading online buyer's tool for comparing quotes from the top Sales Training Companies based in the UK.

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In the battle to win business and grow revenue the sales team is on the front line. Just as you wouldn't send an army into battle underequipped and ill-trained neither should a team of salespeople be expected to win new clients and boost profits without the necessary support and preparation. A salesperson that lacks direction, focus and resources will flounder in the ultra-competitive world of sales. That not only leads to the loss of potential business in the short term but can also impact negatively on team morale in the long term. A properly structured and well delivered sales training course arms a salesperson with the skills and techniques necessary for sustained success in a competitive economy. It also lays a foundation for continuous personal development that will see them become an integral part of a successful selling team.

Approved Index has put together a directory of the UK's top sales training course providers to make the process of comparing courses and getting quotes as simple and as straightforward as possible.

The Best Salespeople are the Best Trained Salespeople

Some are born with it, others have to work hard at it. Raw talent needs to be channeled in the right direction whereas a desire to succeed needs to be nurtured with the appropriate advice and guidance. No matter which camp you fall into, sales training courses can unleash the master saleperson within. Selling has been going on ever since the invention of trade. Over the intervening time a large body of knowledge and expertise has accumulated from which even the most experienced sales head can learn.

Whether you're an individual looking to pick up new techniques for closing sales or getting past gatekeepers or a sales manager looking to boost the productivity of your team, Approved Index can put you in touch with the most appropriate sales training companies for the most competitive quotes.

Professional sales training generally falls into two main categories:

  • Open sales training courses
  • Tailored sales training courses

Open courses are, as the name implies, open to all comers. They will follow a set course programme which covers anything from cold calling techniques through to account management and take place at a dedicated training facility. Tailored courses can be arranged to suit the specific needs of your company, taking into account what you sell, who you sell to and the exact make-up of personalities and job-roles within your team.

Sales Training Courses to Meet All Needs

There are training courses to cover every aspect of the sales process, from initial negotiation to closing the deal. There are specific telephone sales training courses to cater for telesales and sales management courses for team leaders and supervisors. Some courses teach hints and tips on particular aspects of the sales process while others take a more rounded approach which aims to boost the confidence as well as the listening and communications skills of the salesperson. So, whether you are a fresh faced temp who is terrified of picking up the phone, or a grizzled veteran of the sales game, the right course for developing your skills is only a few short steps away.

Quotes for Sales Training

Approved Index has put together a top notch list of sales training providers capable of meeting even the most specific training needs. Our free, no-obligation service lets you compare quotes and prices from leading companies so you can find just the right course at just the right price.

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Get Quotes for Sales Training Courses

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