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Vehicle Tracking Systems: Buyer's Guide

Welcome to Approved Vehicle Tracking, the UK's leading online buyer's tool enabling you to compare quotations from the top vehicle tracking providers based in the UK.

We’ve put together this vehicle tracking buyer’s guide to help you make the smartest choice when comparing vehicle tracking services for your fleet in the UK.

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Vehicle Tracking: How does it work?

Vehicle tracking systems allow you to manage your company's fleet of vehicles in minute detail from the comfort of your office. Using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) to precisely monitor the movements of your vehicles in "real-time" and relay the information back to your PC or mobile, vehicle tracking systems will change the way you use and monitor your business vehicles. Real-time vehicle tracking systems provide you with detailed national and local maps, daily vehicle logs and reports on speeds, mileages and fuel consumption. So whether you have a fleet of 10 or 10,000 vehicles, a vehicle tracking system could be just what you need.

The vehicle tracking market is one of the fastest growing industries, and with technology continuing to develop and evolve, it’s expected to continue to rocket in popularity, becoming an essential tool for the world of business.

To learn more about how vehicle tracking works or perhaps you’re interested in the abilities and limitations of GPS tracking, you can find out more in our guide ‘what is GPS vehicle tracking and how does it work?’

Vehicle Tracking: Commercial fleet benefits

The commercial benefits of a robust vehicle tracking system for your fleet extend beyond just being able to track the route of a particular vehicle; the effects can be realized across the whole company and include:

  • Work Smarter: Fleet management software can provide any level of reports from mapping and positional updates to detailed driver behaviour analysis. These custom reports allow you to make informed decisions and keep customers up to date giving you complete control.
  • Increased Efficiency: Knowing the exact position (and status) of your staff and your customers can hugely improve your efficiency, response times and hence your level of service. Having the ability to monitor fuel efficiency, driver behaviour, engine status, real-time vehicle positions and more will allow you to see whether your drivers are making the best use of their time and raise both the productivity and efficiency of your fleet.
  • Reduced Costs: The ability to re-route vehicles in real-time and improve driver techniques based from tracking data feedback will result in improved fuel efficiency. Furthermore insurance premiums are likely to be reduced for vehicles or assets that have appropriate tracking security installed.
  • Added Security: If you're unfortunate enough to have a vehicle stolen, you'll be able to track the vehicle down if not the culprit. Advanced tracking systems with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology can give you complete peace of mind in knowing that your assets are where they should be.

This is just a brief look at the range of benefits a vehicle tracking system for your fleet can provide your business. To learn more about these, read our guide on commercial vehicle tracking benefits.

Vehicle Tracking: Which system is right?

With a range of vehicle tracking systems on the market for all types of fleets either large or small and from trucks to taxi cabs, comparing the options and selecting the most appropriate system for your fleet is important to ensure your business receives the maximum benefit.

A good first step in distinguishing which tracking system is best for your fleet is to take a look at the how your fleet is used including their daily activities and routes taken to consider the level of information you require to be reported and how often you need this information transmitted back to you.

How often do you require updates?

  • Live (real-time) Tracking: Live, real-time or ‘active’ tracking allows the recording, storing and transmitting of various types of information about your vehicle. While transmission intervals among systems vary, generally you can expect to receive updates every 60 seconds provided you’re in a part of the country with cell tower reception. As the data is transmitted wirelessly either to a computer or online interface without needing the device to be removed, managers can make on-the-fly decisions about their fleet and react to situations immediately making live tracking very popular for commercial fleets that require the flexibility live tracking provides.
  • Passive Tracking: With no transmitter to send the information whilst out on the road, the passive tracking device holds the data until it can be downloaded once the vehicle has returned. Although acting more like a data logger due to this restriction, the data able to be recorded is impressive with all types of vehicle and driver diagnostics able to be analysed. Passive tracking is generally cheaper than a live tracking system but is also limited in the case of being unable to track a vehicle in case of theft.

What level of information?

While both of these types of vehicle tracking systems can provide a high level of analysis and diagnostics once the data is received or retrieved, a live tracking system has vastly superior ‘tracking’ capabilities. Specific features will depend on the supplier or model of tracker and these may include; mapping facilities, custom reports, third-party compatibility, telematics, RFID technology and so on.

Once you’ve distinguished whether live or passive tracking is right for your business, taking a look at your fleet and the type of work they’re involved in should help you quickly compare and decide the level of features and customization you require the tracking system to have. Our extended guides cover these tracker system features in much greater depth to aid you further.

Vehicle Tracking: Choosing a supplier

With so many vehicle tracking companies in the UK, it’s difficult to know what and who the best vehicle tracking system and supplier is. This is a question to which there’s not a straight forward answer; there’s so many leading providers who have a global presence that it’s impossible to choose and the best tracking system much depends on the needs of the end user.

One of the best ways to decide on what company to use once you’ve established what type of system you need is to familiarize yourself with some of their reviews. This can give you a practical idea about the strengths of each company and whether their tracker systems can really give you what you need.

Approved Index’s smart matching system will take the stress out of choosing the right supplier and provide you will up to 5 of the best alternative options based on your requirements and let you decide which is right for you.

Compare Vehicle Tracking Quotes

Most companies lease their vehicle tracking devices and pay on a monthly basis. If you're certain you will be using the system indefinitely, they can be bought outright. All of the vehicle tracking companies we provide quotes for in the UK will be able to offer you both options.

If you want to keep a closer eye on your fleet and improve its productivity, Approved Index will find you a vehicle tracking system to meet your specific requirements and let you compare the quotes!

Be more efficient; make sure your fleet is safe and look into vehicle tracking systems today. Just fill in our simple enquiry form to receive free, no obligation quotes from 5 leading vehicle tracking suppliers.

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