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Website design that's done well can make your website successful and increase sales and customers. Website design that's done poorly can mean that first of all, no one can find your site, and once they find it they can't find the information they're looking for. These types of websites are a waste of time and money. Companies that offer commercial website design for a very cheap price will typically deliver this second type of site. A site that can't get traffic is worthless to you, so consider things like search engine optimisation and quality when you're looking for a web development company.

Website design fro the commercial sphere is much more than just creating a website. Anyone with minimal HTML knowledge can create a website. And even people who don't know HTML and all can get a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) that allows you to create a webpage by simply copying and pasting elements you want on the page into the editor and letting it create the code. So website creation isn't all that impressive. Good web design, on the other hand, is something that's got a lot of value for your company and you should consider that when you're shopping for a developer. Don't balk at the high cost of web development because that costs can pay you back several times over with a successful site that draws traffic.

Good commercial website design will include things like keyword research and search engine optimisation. That means that not only will the web development company create a stunning site for you that looks good and is easy to navigate, but they will make sure that the search engines include your site in the results when someone searches on key terms relating to your company. If your site sells shoes, a web development company might optimise your site for things like "dress shoes," "cheap shoes," and other related terms that people search on when they want to buy shoes. This means that not only will they build your site but thanks to search engine optimisation, people actually will come.

Key factors in Commercial Website Design

It's vitally important that your website be one that's easy to navigate. No matter how much someone wants to buy something, if they reach a website that they can get around and isn't set up logically, they'll go somewhere else. All the content on the site should flow easily to more related information and getting from page to page should be simple. There should also be a search function included on the site so that someone looking for a specific item can enter that into a search box and go right to it.

Optimisation is also important for business websites to make sure the site loads quickly and that it ranks well in search engines. If you have the most beautiful sight imaginable but it's filled with so many complex features that it takes several seconds for the home page to load, you'll lose some people who are impatient and will click away to look elsewhere for the products or services. Similarly, a badly optimised site will be hard for search engines to find and rank - no matter how much great content you post the site will never hit that first page in Google.

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