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Reviewing Atlas Copco Compressors

Since 1873, Atlas Copco has worked to provide various industries with productivity solutions. They have produced a fine line of equipment such as air compressors, assembly systems, gas equipment, mining equipment, and other industrial tools. Compressors LLC is an Atlas Copco division that manufactures, sells and services numerous oil-injected and oil-free air compressors.

These fine machines offer several great features as:

  • energy efficiency
  • air line filters
  • centrifugal, rotary screw and reciprocating compressors
  • desiccant, refrigerated, membrane or heat compression air dryers
  • lubricated or oil-free compressors
  • air distribution systems

Energy Production and Cost Efficiency

Users of Atlas Copco air compressors rate them highly for their ability to compress and convert air to a higher pressure compared to other brands. The compressors use a special piping system called AIRnet which delivers compressed air at the ideal air pressure, making the compressors highly efficient.

Atlas also implemented a new form of technology to boost the energy efficiency of their air compressor—the air blower screw. By substituting air blower screws for the traditional lobe blower technology, the newer Atlas Copco compressors are 30% more energy efficient.

On top of these innovations, newer models now use variable speed drive (VSD) technology. These units consume 35% less energy over fixed-speed models as they are able to change their output as needed, thus ensuring an efficient performance. Because these units save on energy costs, they can pay for themselves in a matter of months.

Atlas Copco Compressor Models

The Type GA-7 tank mounted compressor sells at around £3,800. Horizontally mounted on the top, its coolers are easily accessible for cleaning and make for good air flow. The piping system delivers quality air exactly where you need it, at the right pressure and at the lowest possible cost. Its elements provide flexibility in system design and ease of installation.

The Atlas 610 CFM compressor sells at approximately £10,100. This oil-injected rotary screw compressor is a highly efficient and durable system. It’s a versatile compressor that supplies compressed air and/or power within a specific space. It is handy when used in any application that requires the reduction of air volume or force

The XATS786CD towable compressor is priced at about £29,000. It has a silent 249 hp engine and 786 cfm air flow, operating at 228 rpm and a pressure 10.3 bar (150 psi). Because it is a towable unit, it can be used anywhere.

Reviews of Atlas Copco air compressors are generally positive and emphasise the superior quality of the compressors. The compressors are engineered to integrate seamlessly, ensuring the highest level of reliability and energy efficiency. When you purchase an industrial sized air compressor, you can be sure it will be proficient at serving your needs.

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