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Hydrovane Compressor: A Buyer's Guide

If your business requires high-quality compressed air or gas, a hydrovane compressor is the perfect solution. Designed in the 50s and manufactured in the United Kingdom, the hydrovane compressor has undergone refinement to the point of sophistication that there are now over 775,000 units installed around the world in various industries. It takes advantage of Rotary van technology. Utilising brushes, the vane of the compressor moves in a rotary motion because air is pushed to every area of the vane housing with the compressed air at normal pressure.

How reliable is a hydrovane compressor?

The hydrovane compressor can operate around 100,000 hours and can last without replacements of any major components. Its performance is akin to that of alternative compression methods. A hydrovane has a full range of regulated speed compressors to reduce energy consumption when in operation. If the equipment is kept up to date with correct maintenance, the compressor can operate non-stop without affecting productivity or profitability.

Is a hydrovane compressor difficult to maintain?

Hydrovane compressors come with a standard warranty and can even be extended with a total package warranty. The units are designed to be easily transportable and can fit through a door. Product features are conveniently located to facilitate quick and easy connections. A hydrovane compressor has a simple service regime and requires only the changing of the lubricant and, after 2000 hours, its air and oil filters. Most hydrovane compressor sellers offer a comprehensive range of ready-made service kits that contain all the necessary hydrovane parts. A comprehensive range of oils is available to suit a variety of applications from food, sensitive applications to gas applications.

Should you invest in a hydrovane compressor?

A hydrovane compressor is not just a purchase but a capital investment with low maintenance cost over its lifetime.

The hydrovane compressor and its parts are made from cast iron. It uses metal bearings instead of roller bearings avoiding normal wear and tear. The pressure lubrication on the white metal bearings ensures that longevity of the compressor. Compressors that use roller bearings need to have the roller bearings replaced after 20,000 to 30,000 hours of constant use, resulting in expensive maintenance. The vane technology uses low-speed running and improves in performance through constant use compared to other compressors, translating to a higher residual value.

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Is a hydrovane compressor safe?

Hydrovane compressors strictly conform to EEC and NEC safety regulations. Cut-off thermistors are placed inside the equipment preventing the compressor from overheating. Compressors are thoroughly tested to ensure that installation is as easy as plug and play.

Will a hydrovane compressor be noisy?

No, the hydrovane compressor is a quiet piece of equipment. It comes in 2 formats—open and enclosed. The noise level is significantly reduced in the enclosed format.

Hydrovane versus screw compressors

Hydrovane and screw compressors are similar in price. Nevertheless, you get a longer compressor life with a hydrovane, resulting in greater value for your money.

How Much Do Hydrovane Compressors Cost?

There are a lot of hydrovane compressor products. There will always be a model that can suit your needs as well as your budget. Hydrovane compressor prices start at around £1,300.

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