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Rotary Screw Compressors

How rotary screw compressors function

Rotary screw compressors are environmentally friendly air compressor systems. These units are known for making very little noise while in operation. This type of air compressor works with a high degree of accuracy and is very cost efficient to operate. Additionally these compressors are very easy to maintain and upkeep. All of these reasons are why a wide variety of industries which use air compressors use this technology today.

The special design of rotary screw compressors are able to operate virtually oil free. The engine of these compressors pushes energy through the unit with the use of a fan belt. Inside the housing are a couple of screws which rotate while being intertwined. The movement of the screws by the energy generated from the fan belt creates suction. The suction forces air through a series of compartments with each one smaller than the last. This is what causes the air to be compressed. The amount of compression can be controlled by adjusting the settings.

Uses for rotary screw compressors

Many rotary screw compressors are used in the manufacturing process for automobiles and other forms of transportation including sea vessels. These compressors can also be installed to operate trains and ships. Around the world more and more people in the transportation industry are turning to the use of rotary screw compressors because of how well they work and their cost effectiveness. Some places are starting to put laws in place that these compressors must be used instead of their counterparts because they are so environmentally safe to use.

Some beer breweries even use rotary screw compressors. The breweries who use them will employ them in every step of their operations. These compressors are used in the making of the beer and even in the process of packaging the final product. Breweries of all sizes make use of these compressors because they come in such a wide variety of sizes and because they work just as well in heavy volume situations as they do in low volume situations.

How to obtain rotary screw compressors

Some of the manufacturers of rotary screw compressors sell them directly to businesses. There are also businesses which sell and lease new and used rotary screw air compressors. The ones who resell the used ones typically buy them from a business that uses these compressors in their operations but is closing down. The used compressors are put through a several point inspection and have any repairs made to them which are required. The refurbished compressor works like new but is sold at a cheaper price.

The rotary compressor is known for being very low maintenance and having a long running life. Even with their excellent operating reputation it is clever to get any and all information about any warranty which comes with a unit purchased new or used. Having this information can give a business peace of mind should one of the compressors they purchase break down.

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