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Top 5 Industrial Air Compressors

Finding the right industrial air compressor for your business can be an overwhelming process. After assessing your needs and arriving at a budget, you still have to search through different shops and review and compare several brands and models. With such a diverse and wide selection, how do you decide which one to pick? Consider starting with a quick review of some of the popular designs in the market today, including the following five models.

Clarke Air Compressor SE18C200ND

Clarke has long been known for its SE18 “blue line” of industrial-grade air compressors and this particular model does not disappoint. A slow-running V–belt driven unit, this release is made to last longer, as the fewer vibrations mean that less heat is transferred to the pump from the motor. Its twin-cylinder pump with after-cooler has a displacement of 18 cubic feet per metre (cfm), while the 4 hp 230v motor features thermal overload protection. Controlled by a fully automatic pressure switch, the maximum working pressure is 10 bar (150 psi). The 200-litre horizontal air receiver is CE-certified.

Lincos Industrial Air Compressor CB-20043

Lincos’s latest release is all about efficiency. Fitted with a belt-driven air compressor, cast iron pump and after-coolers, the CB-20043 model does not overheat or result in any output loss. With a rotation speed of 1,370 rpm, it is also bound to have a long operational life. Other features include a built-in pressure regulator, oil sight gauge and a faucet for condensed water drainage. Rated at 4 kW and 400 v, the unit has 23 cfm displacement, 10 bar maximum operating pressure and a 200-litre tank. The aluminum construction of its crankcase also earns it points, as aluminum provides rust protection and prevents leakage. The three wheels at the base also make it easy to move this 128kg, 540x1, 400x1, 040mm unit from one site to another.

SIP 04328 Airmate Industrial Air Compressor

The petrol-powered SIP 04328 is driven by a Kohler engine, making it highly reliable. Its 7 hp petrol engine has a 15 cfm displacement and a Quad Clean heavy-duty cyclonic air cleaner that pushes out contaminants from the engine. With a maximum operating pressure of 10 bar, the model also features a finned cylinder head for effective heat dissipation, plus a safety valve and metal guard frame. A wheel kit with pneumatic types is included as well to ensure smooth maneuverability.

In terms of warranty, Airmate has you covered. You get a three-year warranty for the engine and other parts, and a 10-year anti-corrosion warranty for the 50-litre air receiver, which surpasses CE requirements.

Trueshopping Aztec Air Compressor

User-friendliness and practicality are the buzz words with the Aztec model from Trueshopping. This air compressor features a fully adjustable outlet pressure regulator for its 24-liter capacity air receiver. Its 2 hp motor is rated at 230 v and 2,800 rpm and operates from a 13 amp supply. With 6.9cfm air displacement and 6 to 8 bar operating pressure, the unit can be used with a range of tools including spray guns, nailers, staplers, impact wrenches, drills, ratchets, die grinders and chisels, among many others.

As a bonus, the Aztec model comes with a five-piece air tool kit. This set consists of a paint spray gun, tyre inflator, blow gun, paraffin gun and 5 m air hose.

Fiac Airblok 75 DR

Fiac’s Airblok rotary screw compressors are world-famous for performing reliably even after extended use. But Airblok 75 DR is not just a workhorse. It was also designed to be extra efficient. For one, Fiac uses a flexible elastomer coupling for connecting the motor to the air end. This allows for low drive transmission, minus the power loss. It has also made routine maintenance of the transmission system unnecessary.

Fitted with a 460V 75 hp three-phase motor, the Airblok 75 DR is capable of 318 cfm at 145 psi. Its power output reaches 55 kW and the noise level is only 75 db/A. Other features are a multifunction microprocessor control panel and three-stage oil/separation system. The latter ensures that there is less than 3ppm of oil in the outlet air.

There are plenty of industrial air compressors out there. Some stand out for their capability, others for their features. This list can serve as your guide for finding the perfect fit for your business, one that will give you the best value for your money.

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