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BT Business Mobile Review

BT Business Mobile Review

BT Mobile is a unique telecommunication service provider that prides itself on being a mobile virtual network operator. Through its BT Business Mobile package, the company provides customised services to small, medium and large businesses. You will have a choice of some of the latest handsets from HTC, Nokia, BlackBerry and Samsung. In addition, you will receive a number of perks such as unlimited BT Wi-Fi minutes. However, what you receive depends on the plan you choose. So, here is an overview of the company’s three BT Business Mobile plans.

If you would like to find out more about what kind of business mobile plans are on offer from BT, then you simply need to continue reading the information on this page. As one of the world's most reputsable telecommunications companies, BT is sure to offer a contract and service that will suit your business and staff needs.

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BT Business Mobile Plans

BT is an incredibly reputable and well established telecoms provider that has been operating in the UK since 1981. As such, they are trusted by customers - both commercial and non-commercial - across the country.

Whatever industry you work in, and whatever type of business you operate, BT is sure to have a plan that works. Whether your company only employs 10 staff, or 10,000, there is sure to be a plan to suit. In the table below, we have provided a basic introduction to the main plans on offer.

PlanPriceCan Include Handset?
Talk Time Solo PlanFrom £15 a monthYes
Talk Time Sharer PlanFrom £25 a month (£17.20 without 4G or a handset)Yes
Mobile Workforce SolutionsBespoke depending on your businessYes

The table above does not offer full information on each of the plans offered by BT. For more insight, continue reading the content below, and for the most accurate price estimates, complete the form at the top of this page.

Talk Time Solo Package

Through Talk Time Solo, you can choose from buying a phone along with its perks, or simply getting a SIM card. If you choose to go for the BT Talk Time Solo SIM card (from £15 a month), you’ll restrict yourself to three options. However, you will get 500 unlimited UK minutes, 500 unlimited UK texts, 500 MB to 2 GB of data and free calls to BT company phones. On the other hand, you can take your pick of phones plus services through the following packages:

  • Platinum Plus (from £35 a month) – This offers unlimited UK minutes and texts, 2 GB of UK data, free calls to BT phones and free unlimited BT Wi-Fi with Android handsets.
  • Platinum (from £30 a month) – Through Platinum, you will get the same perks as Platinum Plus but the amount of data you can use is limited to 1 GB.
  • Premium (from £25 a month) – Premium comes with 500 UK minutes and texts, 500 MB of data, free unlimited BT Wi-Fi with Android sets and free calls to BT company phones.
  • Budget (from £17.50 a month) – For those who can’t afford to splurge, the Budget plan provides 300 UK minutes and texts, 500 MB of UK data, fee BT company phone calls and free BT Wi-Fi with Android.

You can also add the landline calls bundle UK Landline Voice for an extra £5 a month, making this plan even more comprehensive.

Talk Time Sharer

Talk Time Sharer is a customisable package to ensure that your specific mobile phone needs are met. It also allows you to share minutes and text with multiple users anytime, with coverage that includes the rest of the EU and Republic of Ireland. In addition, Android users get the chance to avail of free BT Wi-Fi through 5 million hotspots. If this package suits you, you should know that its cheapest bundle comes with 500 minutes and 250 SMS for £25 on a contract of 24 months. Meanwhile, the costliest has 100,000 voice minutes and 50,000 SMS at a 24-month rate of £3,100.

Along with the minutes and texts you will get, you have a few optional extras to choose from:

  • Voice Services – You can get the landline calls bundle for £5 per connection every month. In addition, you can subscribe to the UK Helpline Voice Extra for £3.50 per connection per month and the Europe Roamer Voice Extra for £4.25.
  • Text Services – You can choose between the UL Account Text Extra (£3.50/month per connection) and the UK User Text Extra (£5/month per connection).
  • Email and Internet – The cheapest UK Data Extra package (500 MB) costs £5 per month for each connection while the highest is £30 for 5 GB of data. You also have a choice between BlackBerry BIS (£5/month per connection) and BES (£12/month per connection).

Mobile Workforce Solutions

Through this plan, BT focuses on reducing your costs while boosting your mobile workforce productivity. Best for large organisations, the Mobile Workforce Solutions plan provides software, hardware and service. Through these you can go green, comply with the 2008 Corporate Manslaughter Act and boost customer satisfaction and ensure loyalty. As this service is fully customisable, you will need to contact BT’s representatives for a quote.

BT Business Mobile Benefits

There are a range of reasons that a business might choose BT for their business mobiles; we have collected just a few of them in the list below.

  • Options for different business - the plans above include a range of options and services that will suit a number of business types and sizes.
  • Strong Trust and Reputation - few companies are as reputable and well-known as BT. Signing up for a business mobile plan with BT is likely to provide all business owners with comfort and a feeling of ease.
  • Savings & Finance Options - monthly fees that include a range of services, and equipment, can help businesses to manage their finances effectively. Rather than paying thousands of pounds up front, you can stagger the cost over several months.

For more information on the features and benefits offered by BT, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

Compare BT Business Mobile Phone Options

BT can offer satisfaction and quality to businesses of every size, whether the business be small or large, new or well-established. Whatever your budget or requirements, BT business mobiles are sure to offer a quality plan that will suit you.

Comparing BT Business Mobile Options with Approved Index is a great way to find the best plan for your business. The comparison service is free, quick and easy, and it could help your business to find a quality phone plan.

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