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Business Mobile Phone Contracts

Business Mobile Phone Contracts

Business mobiles provide a vital channel for communicating those split-second orders. Apart from calls and texts, modern mobiles also incorporate email and internet browsing capabilities as well as allowing you to run third party applications to interact with social networking sites or supplier portals. So no matter your location, with the latest business mobile your finger is never too far from the pulse of your business.

Mobile technology is such a vital tool in the modern working environment that securing the best business mobile phone deal is a necessity if you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors. To find out more about the range of business mobile contracts on offer, simply continue reading this page or visit our central supplier review page. Otherwise, if you are ready to compare quotes straight away, complete the form at the top of this page.

Comparing quotes with Approved Index is free, quick and easy, and it could save you as much as 40% on your service and equipment costs.

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Determining Your Business Mobile Phone Needs

If you approach suppliers with a clear idea of what kind of phone you need, what your likely usage will be and what your additional requirements are you’ll be in a much stronger position to recognise appropriate options and negotiate the best phone contract deal for your company.

The most important questions you need to answer are:

  • How many handsets do you require? - You may be looking to increase or decrease the number of handsets you currently use. You may be looking for all new handsets or to keep those you have been using and just switch tariffs. If you’re looking for your first business mobile contract consider carefully how many employees actually need mobiles to carry out their work. While it’s time consuming, perhaps unfair and definitely more expensive to have employees use their own mobiles and claim for work calls via expenses, make sure the number and frequency of work calls to be made by each person warrants another handset.
  • What will the phones be used for? - This is important to determine both what type of handsets you require and what tariff is the most appropriate. Smart phones will allow internet access, emails and social media usage which might be important for some workers and completely unnecessary for others – mixing and matching is fine. (It’s worth bearing in mind the added benefits that field based staff might get from smart phones like GPS and access to Google Maps which could save time and money).
  • Are you covered? - Different mobile phone networks have different ‘blind spots’ i.e. places where their signals don’t reach. Make sure the networks you’re considering have a strong signal at the location of your headquarters and anywhere your staff will be spending a lot of time.
  • How far do you need to roam? - Making and receiving calls from foreign countries can cost a lot and prices vary dramatically between suppliers. If you operate internationally make sure you check these costs and any allowances included in the tariff.
  • Do you need insurance? - Some smart phone handsets can cost upwards of £500 to replace. Many business mobile phone suppliers offer insurance too but check with alternative suppliers of phone and gadget insurance for more competitive prices.

Unless you only have very basic requirements, the days where all you had to worry about were minutes and texts are long gone. Now you have data usage, phone features, international call rates and even operating systems to consider as well. Getting solid answers to the above questions before you start looking for deals is therefore essential if you’re not to be bamboozled by the options thrown at you by suppliers.

Choosing a Business Mobile Phone Company

When looking for a new business mobile phone contract you essentially have two options: go directly to the large networks like O2, Vodafone and Orange or go to a specialist business communications company who are free to offer deals from all the major suppliers.

What’s the difference and which should you go to? The answer depends on how much time you have and how many mobiles you’re looking to acquire. If you’re looking for a lot of mobiles (say 20 and upwards) you have more clout and it may well be best to go directly to the networks and try to negotiate a contract deal. The specialist business mobile companies operate much like mortgage brokers in that they get a referral fee from each network when they send business their way but only very rarely can they negotiate you a better deal than you’d get direct. What they can offer though is impartial advice on which network to go for since they get a fee whatever your final decision is – they’ll also keep an eye on your usage for you and recommend money saving tariff switches the next time your contract is up for renewal.

For more information on these suppliers and the options available, simply click the links below:

Comparing Phone Contracts

If you are new to business mobile phone contracts, or you are opening a new business you may not know what the best call package for you is. How do you know at this stage whether your team will make more calls, download more data or send more text messages?

  • Start off small and get bigger. Business mobile phone contract suppliers will encourage you to get a big contract with as many minutes and texts included as they can. When you are starting out, this is a mistake. Take a small package and increase it later on if you feel the need. Most companies will allow you to expand your contract – after all, they will be happy as you will be spending more money.
  • Get a combined package with calls, texts and data together to see how you get on. The majority of companies will be flexible if you want to tinker with your contract further down the line.
  • Examine your bills for the first few months - see where your usage is being focused and then change your tariff to suit you.

Modern mobile phones open up a whole world of options and benefits for your business but what seems like a small monthly fee adds up to a lot of money over an 18 month or two year contract. It’s therefore sensible to carefully consider your options and not be rushed into a decision. Gather as many quotes as you can from different suppliers before picking the best contract for you and always remember to consider how your technology needs may change over the length of the contract.

Compare Business Mobile Phone Contracts

The information on this page should have introduced you to some of the considerations that need to be taken when businesses look to invest in new mobile phone plans. If you require more information though, then the best choice is to complete the form at the top of this page so that you can speak to experts.

Comparing quotes with Approved Index allows you to speak to up to 4 suppliers that can offer bespoke quotes and information based on your exact requirements. This comparison service is an excellent way to find the best quality and value deals, without having to find the suppliers.

Comparing business mobile contracts with Approved Index is free, quick and easy, and could save you as much as 40% on your service and equipment costs.

Compare Business Mobile quotes with Approved Index.