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Business Mobile Phone Insurance

Business Mobile Phone Insurance

When your company is reliant on mobile phones for day to day operations, considerable time can be lost when one of those phones is suddenly taken out of operation. As any business owner knows, lost time can lead to lost revenue. In addition, a modern smart phone can cost several hundred pounds to replace – a cost which you want to keep off the accounts no matter how much your company turns over.

Business mobile phone insurance provides cover for the damage, loss or theft of your mobile handsets and gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your mobile communications will never be out of action for too long.

Choosing a provider of business mobile insurance is not a task to take lightly. To help you in your choice we’ve compiled a quick rundown on what to look for in an insurance policy and some common things that might not be covered in certain circumstances.

So if you would like to find out more about the sort of insurance options that are available - and about what is covered - simply continue reading this page. Otherwise, if you would like to start comparing quotes immediately, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

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Business Phone Insurance Coverage

As with other forms of insurance, the idea of business mobile coverage is to ensure that financial security is not compromised in the event of an accident or incident. If a member of staff's business mobile is damaged, then proper insurance means that both your company and your employee is not left with a bill to replace or repair any equipment.

Unlike with an individual's mobile phone insurance, business phone insurance can be applied to a number of devices. This means that - rather than having to manage accounts for every member of staff with a phone - you can centralise everything into one contract and one plan. As you might expect, this type of plan often works out to be a cheaper alternative than applying individual insurance to a range of devices.

The information below contains some detail about what sorts of incidents or accidents are covered by insurance.


Most mobile phone insurance providers will cover the following:

  • Accidental damage
    A replacement phone is provided in the event that you damage your handset or your existing handset is repaired. Speedy replacement is often the preferred choice so check that your provider will replace rather than repair.
  • Water damage
    Replacement of a water damaged handset.
  • Loss
    A replacement handset is provided in the event that yours is lost.
  • Theft
    Replacement of a handset stolen from a secured (i.e. locked) location, be it a building or a car.
  • Fraudulent calls
    If your phone is stolen and a large telephone bill run up before you realise it’s missing, you don’t want to be liable for covering the cost of stolen talk time.
  • International cover
    Cover for all of the above even in the event that the incident takes place abroad.

Not Covered

Look out for the following ways in which cover might be subtly reduced – this might involve examining the policy details carefully:

  • Excess fees
    The insurer will often charge an excess which varies depending on the type of claim and the brand of phone.
  • Repair rather than replace
    There may be certain incidences (e.g. water damage claims) where the insurer will insist on attempting a repair rather than replacing the phone. Also, remember to check how soon replacements are provided.
  • Unattended theft
    Insurers will often not cover unattended theft from a public place.
  • Limited international cover
    International cover will often be limited to a set number of days after which cover lapses.
  • Limited fraud cover
    Most policies only cover fraudulent calls up to a certain amount – check the fine print.

By now you should be convinced that the acquisition of business mobile handset insurance should be chosen carefully and with plenty of attention to detail. But don’t be turned off – remember that modern handsets can cost a lot to replace and that employees generally don’t look after company phones as well as they would their own.

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The information on this page should provide business owners and managers with some idea as to the specifications and requirements that come with this form of insurance. If you need more information though, then you should consider comparing suppliers - Approved Index can help here.

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