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Virgin Business Mobile Review

Virgin Business Mobile Review

Virgin Mobile UK is one of the oldest telecommunication providers in the country. It made a name for itself in 1999 by becoming the first Mobile Virtual Network Operator across the world. Today, under the EE banner and through its network, Virgin continues to offer customers a wide range of services. People from different industries are also welcome to find out what business mobile packages Virgin offer.

Now you may be wondering why you should go for this package, especially since it’s the only business mobile plan Virgin has to offer. Read on to find out why this is a good investment that you shouldn’t miss out on.

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Virgin Business Mobile Enterprise Plan

Virgin's flagship business mobile plan is Enterprise, a top-quality service that provides businesses with everything they need in the world of mobile telecommunication. The table below includes just a few of Virgin Enterprise's key features and benefits.

CoverageHuge 3G and 4G coverage, allowing your staff to maximise their work, wherever they are.
Mobile DataFlexible dat allowances based on your business requirements means that you can function exactly how you need to.
Quality HandsetsVirgin offers businesses access to top-quality handsets from the best manufacturers in the world.

The table above includes just a small amount of information. For more insight, continue reading the content below. For the best possible quote, just fill in the form at the top of this page.

Virgin Business Mobile Features

Virgin Business Mobile is a plan designed to help large business and public sector organisations consolidate their communications to simplify them and make them more cost-effective. As a result, you can focus on the important aspects of your business and streamline your ICT processes. The latter is especially true if you’re using an EE or Virgin service at your company.

Whether or not you’re a Virgin user, the business mobile plan will offer you a number of features, including:

  • Coverage on the UK’s largest mobile network – With EE’s network support, Virgin promises you comprehensive coverage, which entails 3G and 4G coverage, across the UK.
  • Flexible mobile data – You will be able to choose the mobile internet specs you need and enjoy the flexible tariffs Virgin has to offer.
  • Billing and reporting features – With the Virgin Business Mobile plan, you will get a number of controls and tools to track down whatever you use or spend while using your mobile phone.
  • Extra support – Not only will Virgin provide you with ample support once you start using the plan, the telecommunications provider will support you as you switch to it to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Inexpensive roaming rates – Rather than taking up your capital or a chunk of your profits on roaming charges, Virgin’s vast network and service agreements allow you to stay connected at competitive rates.
  • Ease of integration with corporate voice and data networks – To keep you connected to your business even when you’re not physically there, Virgin’s Business Mobile plan can be easily linked to your corporate voice and data network. This helps you get cheaper calls within the network.
  • Added security – The service will secure your mobile applications and e-mail. It will also protect the data on your device and enforce remote security in case the device is missing or stolen.

Virgin Business Mobile Plan Benefits

If you choose to embrace Virgin’s Business Mobile plan, you’re bound to reap many benefits. For starters, you’ll gain access to a large collection of Apple, Android, Windows and BlackBerry mobile devices that come with flexible tariffs. You can travel around with these devices without stretching your budget thin due to high roaming charges.

The plan also provides you with your own mobile experts who are just a call away. They’re located in the UK so you can always get in touch with them promptly during office hours. That aside, by choosing to combine the Business Mobile plan with a number of business solutions from Virgin, you will be able to add a few related products like the SIP trunking solution, SIP Site Connect, Business Phone Lines and IPVPN. These little additions will enable you to become more productive and save time and money.

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Virgin’s Business Mobile Plan is definitely a great idea for large businesses that already have Virgin solutions across their companies. Don’t hesitate to request a quote and go for this option if it’s within your budget.

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