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Vodafone Business Mobile Review

Vodafone Business Mobile Review

Vodafone is one of the top telecommunication providers in the UK. In fact, it is the first mobile network operator to receive the BS 25999 Business Continuity Certification for its 3G voice and mobile networks. This proves its reliability whenever disaster strikes. Enjoying the services of such a robust network will definitely benefit your business, so read on to discover the business mobile plans available from Vodafone.

Vodafone offers a range of services to suit all types of business. Whether you are looking to find top-quality equipment for your executive staff, or your sales-team, there is sure to be an option that matches your needs.. To find out more about the plan that will best suit your business, simply continue reading this page. Otherwise, if you want to just compare quotes today, complete the form at the top of this page.

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Vodafone Business Mobile Plans

Vodafone offers a range of business mobile plans to suit a range of businesses, no matter what sector they work in. Additionally, Vodafone can cater to a range of sizes, allowing for small businesses to equip themselves just as well as larger enterprises. The table below provides some brief information about the range of plans on offer.

PlanPriceCan Include Handset?
Red Business PlanFrom £28.33 a monthYes
Red Business Plan LFrom £38.33 a monthYes
Red Business Plan XLFrom £42.50 a monthYes

The Vodafone Red Business Package

The Vodafone Red Business plans are designed to help you run your business by talking, texting and sharing data with another device. Suitable for small to medium sized businesses, the Red Business plans are:

  • Red Business – For a 3G plan, you will get unlimited minutes and texts to use on UK numbers, 1 GB UK internet and UK Wi-Fi from 250 MB for £34.17. On the other hand, you will get the 4G plan for £28.33 along with 2 GB internet instead of just one.
  • Red Business L – Instead of 1 GB, you’ll get 2 GB of data along with unlimited minutes and texts and 250 MB of Wi-Fi. The 3G package will cost you £38.33 while the 4G one, which comes with 4 GB, costs £32.50.
  • Red Business XL – The 3G Red Business XL plan costs £42.50 for unlimited calls and texts, 4 GB internet and Wi-Fi from 500 MB. However, if you want to go for the 4G plan, you’ll get the same with the exception of 8 GB internet for £36.67.

If you decide to go for the 4G plans, you’ll get a free SIM to easily share your data allowance on another device. You can also add a landline number for £10 per month to stay connected with your clientele. However, if you want the SIM only, you can get it starting from £27.50 for 3G or £21.67 for 4G.

Corporate Mobile Communications

Vodafone offers a number of services to larger companies or members of the corporate sector with up to 110 employees. Its mobile and voice coverage allows you to get in touch with customers and colleagues regardless of where they are and what time zone they’re in. Through the Corporate plans, you will enjoy the benefits of a strong signal and roaming agreements with 600 international network operators. You will also be able to pick a smart phone or conventional phone along with one of the Red Business plans mentioned earlier. It is these features that ensure Vodafone’s popularity with over 2.4 million business customers across the UK.

Public Sector Mobile Communications

For members of the public sector, Vodafone offers a few packages to ensure smooth phone communications. The one that may interest you the most is Vodafone One Net Enterprise. Through this, your fixed and mobile communications are combined into a single IP-based platform or PBX. As a result, you’ll receive communication and collaboration tools along with reporting tools. If you’re interested in this mobile package, you need to contact Vodafone to choose a package you like and determine a flexible rate.

On the other hand, you can avail of the Total Managed Mobility package which provides you with Secure Device Manager and Good for Enterprise or BES. Through these, you can secure your employees’ devices and conduct business transactions without worrying about information leaks. What makes this even more tempting is the fact that you can customise the service according to your needs. You can contact Vodafone in order to get a quote for this package.

Compare Vodafone Business Mobile Plans

Regardless of the size of your business, Vodafone has a very competitive business mobile service and numerous packages you can choose from. Often, businesses do not know exactly what they need from their business phone contract, this is why Approved Index offers a range of quotes.

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