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Business Phone Providers

Huge competition in the business phone provider market means that great deals are available on line rental, call charges and broadband access. You are also more free than ever to switch your phone provider to gain improved customer services or enhanced product features.

Choosing between business phone providers involves being acquainted with the basic facts and being prepared to gather multiple quotes for comparison.

Business Phone Providers: What’s On Offer?

Most companies in the business phone line market have set up wholesale line rental deals with the main Tier 1 Carriers (BT and equivalent) which allows them to pass on significant savings to their customers. They are also able to provide installation, repair, servicing etc through contracts with major telecoms companies. The main comparison points between business phone providers are therefore price and quality of service.

Before you get quotes however, you need to know what you’re looking for. Most business phone providers offer a complete telecoms solution including lines, systems and broadband.

Business Phone Lines

  • POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) Lines: These are analogue lines which allow one call per line. Can be used singly or combined for a multi-line system with a PBX (exchange).
  • ISDN: Digital lines which allow voice and data transmission at the same time. Each ISDN line has two channels. Clarity of calls is often better than with POTS.
  • ISDN30: Each line has 8 channels i.e. 8 lines are available from just one cable. Ideal for larger businesses where each employee has a direct dial number.

Business Phone Systems

There are two main types here: PBX (traditional wired exchanges) which connects all your phones together with the type of lines described above and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) where the phone and computer networks are combined allowing all calls to be made over the internet and leading to further savings.

VoIP is a larger up-front investment but leads to greater functionality and lower call costs in the long run whereas PBX has the advantage of being separate from your LAN network and therefore less prone to drop outs and power failures.

Phone systems are available to purchase or lease. Support for when your hardware or software experiences problems are vital so make sure the business phone provider supplies it and that they make guarantees.

Business Broadband

Business broadband is available in a variety of speeds for downloading and uploading data so check carefully what your business phone provider is offering. The greatest speeds (around 40Mbps) are attained when your local exchange provides fibre optic cabling to your cabinet.

Business Phone Provider Quotes

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