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ACT Communications

Vehicle Tracking
Vehicle Tracking at its best... See at a glance where your drivers are, what speed they are travelling at, how long they have been on the road for, what direction they are heading in and how far from your customer they are. Impress customers by giving them accurate updates on where their driver is. Reduce false over time claims, verify timesheeets, and cut private usage of company vehicles. Over 6000 UK companies (with over 50000 vehicles) have chosen Navman GPS vehicle tracking systems; and ACT are the UKs leading supplier. All companies with mobile workers must now consider this GPS based fleet tracking software with its fast and significant return on investment. Call us today on 0870 444 6867 and we can show you what makes this the stand-out product in UK fleet tracking.
Groby Trading Estate

Case Studies

UK Shuttle

Since implementation of the Navman vehicle tracking system from ACT, we have been able to complete an extra 2 to 3 jobs PER DAY - giving us a significant return on investement Merv Gibbs, Commercial Director, happy vehicle tracking customer for 4 years.

UK Shuttle improve performance

Dyno Rod

With rising fuel prices, a reduction in mileage helps us save money. With the mileage report (available in the vehicle tracking software) we are reducing private mileage and making route planning more efficient Max Craven, Director, happy vehicle tracking customer for 6 years.

Dyno cuts costs

CBS Couriers

By controlling speeds and improving routes we save a massive 20% on our fuel bill. So for us every 5th day is free, every 5th week is free, every 5th month is free and therefore every 5th year is free! Craig Sholter, Director, happy commerical vehicle and car tracking customer for 5 years.

CBS cutting fuel costs