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BOX Telematics Ltd (UK).

Vehicle Tracking
fleetBOX offers you a complete web based vehicle traking system for maximising fleet efficiency and productivity. By utilising mobile phone GPRS networks and satellite GPS technology, fleetBOX offers fleet managers the convenience of a simple and effective 24/7 vehicle tracking, asset management and security package. Box features: * 24/7 tracking on an unlimited number of vehicles with regular updates of exact location * Detailed mapping, street level accuracy within UK & Ireland * Vehicle Odometer readings and route history report * Vehicle and non-powered asset tracking options. * Helps you to track stolen assets * Vehicle behaviour monitoring, including; out of hours mileage, speeding, excessive driving time * Points of interest reports
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Shell Gas (LPG)

“BOX telematics have supplied us with an excellent product that clearly demonstrates its security, productivity and customer benefits with real-time turnkey solutions.” Richard Buggine, Operations Manager, Shell Gas (LPG)

Johnson Diversey

“Thanks to BOX telematics we can now monitor tank levels in 24/7 without the need to visit each site”. Tony Dodd, Technical Manager, Johnson Diversey

Coors Brewey

“Investing in this new system and technology has enabled us to maintain a competitive edge, through sharing extensive management information with our suppliers.” Barry Goodwin, Technical Support Manager, Coors Brewery

Case Studies

Shell Gas (LPG)

Shell faces the following issues with there security potential hijacking as well as a problem in locating vehicles. BOX solution monitor static via web portal, discreet panic buttons and driver ID. Benefits improved vehicle utilisation and assurance of driver safety.

Johnson Diversey

Johnson Diversey were faced with large orders but had limited tanker space and manual dip readings. BOX solutions install a BOX system on tankers to monitor load remotely and alert when tanks reach re-order levels. The benefits ability to coordinate deliveries increasing efficiency reducing cost.

Coors Brewery

Coors Requirements were to monitor effluent remotely in real-time across Coors site. BOX solution was online portal monitoring PH levels, flow rates and water levels. benefits were total traceability and visibility of business , informative management reports and compliance with the IPCC standards.