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Catalyst Consulting Ltd

Six Sigma Training
Catalyst is a Training and Consulting Company specialising in Lean, Six Sigma and Business Process Improvement. Founded in 1995, the company has grown steadily. We are now one of the leading providers of Lean Six Sigma throughout Europe. We have a core team of over 20 highly experienced trainers and consultants, with multi language skills. General Electric selected us to deliver their Lean Six Sigma training programmes across Europe and we were the only external organisation accredited by them to provide Master Black Belt training. We have worked with over 70 ‘blue chip’ clients including Honeywell, BT, BAA, BAE, Saint-Gobain, Royal Mail, SAP, Airbus, Honeywell, Sun Microsytems, Bank of New York Mellon, Siemens, NHS, O2. Open training in London, Stratford upon Avon, Leeds, Edinburgh
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Champions, Yellow Belt and Green Belt training in-company with open training for Black Belts, Certification. Catalyst licensed training materials in-company. TubeLines won the best improvement project award at the BQF Lean Six Sigma Academy Awards.


Astrazeneca has chosen Catalyst to provide training to GB and BB level through the open courses run in Stratford upon Avon. Catalyst also provides in-company training in several AZ Divisions.


Catalyst has been providing a bespoke in-company programme with strong emphasis on Lean within BAA since 2006. This programme was developed jointly with BAA and is delivered by Catalyst trainers, coaching support has also been provided

Case Studies

Gaz de France - Lean Six Sigma Programme

Click on the link below to watch a 7 minute video case study of an interview with this Catalyst client explaing why they chose Catalyst and how the programme worked in practice.

Interview with Head of Customer Service


New Tools and Techniques, training and the dedication of staff to focused project teams can make Six Sigma a daunting prospect to some organisations. But is there an easier way?

Quality World Article

Interview with GP Partner

Catalyst client Dr Paresh Dawda, a General Practitioner, talks improved efficiency and customer satisfaction with Matt Moore at

Lean Six Sigma in a GP Practice