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Catalysts UK Ltd

Marketing Companies
The Catalysts Business Advisors are business consultants that specialise in developing new business opportunities for our clients. We use a unique new business tool called E-Catalysts to generate compelling emails and conversations designed at getting interested prospects warmed up for a quality appointment with our clients. We ensure that when a meeting is help it is with the right person, who has authority to commit his company and that they have a budget in place to spend with our clients. Why do our clients use us:- They don’t like doing new business calls They don’t have the time to do them Their time is better spent running their business We are better at doing the calls because We love cold calling We do nothing else, we are not distracted by other things We k
Communications House
200 William Hunter Way
CM14 4WQ


Washroom Services Company

We provided a branded e-mail for this major company and conducted appointment setting resulting in 64 qualified appointments per month, leading to huge increase in turnover.

Print Finisher

We developed a sales strategy and implimented it for this company resulting on the first day with a contract worth £40,000.00 for a £4,000.00 investment.

Specialist design company

This company was on the verge of folding when we changed thair fortunes, they have now expended and are very profitable.

Case Studies

Nukleen Services

Cleaning company needing to develop business for their quite times of year. The biggest contract they had won by own efforts was worth 70,000 per annum, our first was 140,000 and biggest too big at £1,000,000!


E Buckley

Print company needing to develop sales due to diminishing market. We identified new areas of opportunity and exploited them for this company



Washroom services company wishing to promote the Dyson Airblade. WE achieved 90 appointments in 14 days of working with this company.