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Contact Data Solutions

Direct Marketing
Contact Data Solutions can supply mailing, emailing & telemarketing data for b2b & b2c directmarketing campaigns. You will get your own account manager who will advise you & get the right data to make your campaigns a success.The data will be fresh , accurate & cost effective.With 12 years experience in the direct marketing arena there wont be much we can't help with.Some times having the idea to run a campaign can cause more questions than answers from what data is best?, where can I source it? & how do I start? Contact Data Solutions can save you time, money & increase the effectivness of your campaigns, enquire today & make the right contact.
The Atrium
North Caldeen Road

Case Studies

Direct Dialogue

This telemarketing company required data for a client campaign & were very impressed by the knowledge, experience & service from Contact Data, so now they call us first for all their requirement needs.

Nationwide Forklift Company

Client has now been using Contact Data Solutions for 12 months to run their email campaigns. So far they have generated a few new & used forklift truck sales and put prospects into the the pipeline for the future. The campaigns have easily covered their cost & more. Very happy with the total service.