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Enterprise Consulting UK Ltd

Document Scanning
Enterprise Consulting specialises in providing a range of Document Management solutions, which aid administration in a variety of organisations. Document Management means to create digital versions of paper-based information and subsequently devise a universally accessible, electronic file storage system. ECL Document Hosting has been developed to meet these requirements, thus providing instant online access to all digitised files. With the help of our team of experts, digital versions of your documents are produced within our state-of-the-art Scanning Bureau. Quality control and confidentiality lie at the heart of ECL’s operations and with over 10 years of experience and a varied repertoire of clients we can accommodate to the needs of your organisation.


'Manufacturer of machine parts'

From the word go, ECL provided an attentive, patient and informative service. They helped resolve our problems and mapped out how their solution could help us transform our mailroom systems.

'Audit Accounting'

ECL helped us to see where we had areas to improve upon throughout our business. As a result we saw new opportunities not only to save money and improve our carbon footprint, but also to offer our clients an easier, less intrusive auditing service.

'Natural Rescources'

ECL's dedicated approach, professional and helpful support has continued to impress us. Though all the years of working with ECL not a one error has occurred, it revolutionised our business processes and helped us reduce our exsisting overheads.

Case Studies

Mailroom Automation

Mailroom (or Post room) Automation uses software to recognise and classify incoming documents automatically once scanned, allocating them to departments or workflow processes and routing them to the right destination. Purchase orders to sales, invoices to finance, delivery notes to the warehouse...

Audit Accounting at a new level

How modern accounting practices now use Document Scanning as a tool to enable a less intrusive way to provide companies with an auditing service