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LuxTech Limited

Telephone Systems
Our scalable IT services & Telephony systems can easily accommodate start up businesses through to medium sized companies with up to 100 employees. Providing all the services that you'd expect from an internal IT department, at a fraction of the cost, and with a far greater depth of knowledge of the IT industry. From network support to remote backup and disaster recovery, we have a planned flexible IT support solution to meet every budget and timeframe. We operate 24 hours per day across London and the South East. By working with you, we’ll highlight possible areas for improvement and suggest a technology road map. Less down-time and better IT support delivers benefit to all areas of a business, maximizing the most precious resource you have: TIME.
Atlantic House
Stirling Way


Legal Firm

20 Partner firm in North London. We support 3 remote workers and 40 staff across two sites. We provide the firm with a single point of contact for all of their bespoke software and hardware support.

Estate Agents

20 employees across 3 sites in Buckinghamshire, operating 7 days per week. In the 3 years we have been the incumbent their IT requirements have grown in size and complexity in order for them to maintain competitive advantage.

Health Club

Single site in Essex with 30users. We took over the remote support of their IT with only 3 days notice when their previous service provider had financial difficulties. Recently we replaced an old telephony system with a state of the art VoIP solution

Case Studies

Travel Agent

A Hertfordshire based travel agent recently merged with a small chain in Bedfordshire. The FD asked us to conduct an Audit and make our recommendations as part of the due diligence. They were so impressed with the depth of our report and our realistic IT road map that they awarded us the contract.

Travellling To Uncharted Territories

Retail Store

A city centre fashion store was disappointed with the uptime they were getting so called us in the benchmark against their incumbent managed service provider. In fact, the provider was doing a good job and it was a mischievous employee that our Audit uncovered was causing their downtime.

Insider Dealing

Accountancy Partnership

A North London accountancy firm was so impressed by our 3 years of trouble free remote support of their systems they thought their own clients deserved to know about it. Now we regularly speak at their events on the benefits of Outsourcing for SMB's.

One 2 Many