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Mattei Compressors Ltd

Air Compressors
Mattei's air compressors are high quality industrial rotary vane air compressors. Available from 1.5kW - 250kW, with free air deliveries of 0.16m3/min (6cfm)-44m3/min (1555cfm). Mattei provides a complete range of compressed air solutions; including air compressor and compressed air system installation, air compressor service and maintenance packages, compressed air system audits. Mattei has an air compressor to suit most budgets and applications, including energy efficient variable speed air compressors and the highly energy efficient MAXIMA air compressor. Purchasing replacement air compressors is a long term investment and as electrical running costs will account for 80% of the cost of ownership care should be taken to make the right choice, Mattei offers free, no obligation advice.
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Winton Engineering Ltd

We have worked in partnership with Mattei for many years and they have always been supportive and professional.

Cemex UK Ltd

Excellent service.

Case Studies

Mattei helps printing company save costs with energy efficient technology

Find out how a company reduced its electrical costs by £5,000 per annum by installing a Mattei air compressor

Mattei compressors win case for vane technology

Rotary vane versus rotary screw; see the benefits of purchasing a Mattei rotary vane compressor

Repairing leaks can improve compressor efficiencies says Mattei

Before you consider a new air compressor ensure you have repaired your leaks. It's estimated that leaks waste around 30% of the compressed air generated by industry. Mattei can help find and repair them, which in turn will save you money and possibly the expense of purchasing a new air compressor.