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Mobile Marketing Direct Ltd.

Market Research Companies
we specialise in all areas of telemarketing, data services, and market research. we offer a pay per lead system so no paying for an agent all day with no return, with lead generation direct you get what you pay for. nothing less. we work on a one off basis or a continual project to suit your needs. please contact us to discuss your requirments further.
office 10, 11 & 12
sandfields business centre
Port Talbot
SA12 7PT


Aldridge Property services

based in north wales, aps requested we provide regular qualified, area specific appointments for there survayors. we started on a trial run supplying 10 fully diarised apps per day,we are no two months on and providing 30 appointments daily for aps.

User fusion ltd

User fusion ltd are a south wales based company, dealing with accesability web issues, we provided market research for 600 local business', this has enabled user fusion to target there specific market and progress further than there original forcast.

liberty survaince

liberty survaince support a large number of self employed survayors, liberty approached us to generate a pay per lead system for there survayors, as there survayors are on a commission only basis we sycronised the areas and rates to meet there needs.

Case Studies

paystream fantasy football league

we were given a brief to register 200 new players onto paysteams new fantasy football within a week due to the new season starting, lead gen direct succeded in hitting the target and registering everyone within the alloted time, we also as a measure of convience cleansed the data provided.