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Market Research Companies
What we do: Deliver clear and focused research solutions based on cutting edge qualitative and quantitative techniques. What our clients get: Rich and actionable insight to help support and grow brands, develop new ideas and the basis for better decision-making..
5 Canonbury Lane
London ,
N1 2AS


TD Waterhouse: Alison Cashmore: Ext. Comms. Dir.

Resolution brings to the table a combination of logic and creativity, andthey respond to our assignments in a thoughtful and well balanced way. If you are after some run-of-the-mill research or something off the peg, I suggest you look elsewhere

Carphone Warehouse: Tristia Clarke: Marketing Dir.

The Resolution ethos is all about yielding meaningful, supportable andactionable findings. They consistently design solutions that help us navigate a pathway to the insight - and ultimately, the answers - that aid our decision-making

Advantage Travel: Colin ONeil: Mktng. Dir.

They have a knack for identifying the issues and challenges at hand. Their approach to a given brief is both creative and convincing and just as important, they provide a service that is consistently efficient and cost-effective

Case Studies

Mobile phone insurance

A quantitative survey of insured and un-insured mobile phone customers - encompassing 18 defined event-related subgroups - to establish customer perceptions of service strengths and weaknesses and evaluate their impact on satisfaction and advocacy

On-line stockbroker

A large scale quantitative study of UK-based blue-chip shareholders to build understanding of online product usage, assess customer perceptions and investigate product and communications needs. Also used to generate media coverage and positive publicity

Major Italian industrial company

City perception study to inform and guide a more efficient and cost-effective approach to communicating with key investor and opinion-former stakeholders