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Sales Doctor delivers 100% bespoke training courses around your business and team’s needs. We have a unique three stage approach to tailor every course we deliver. We are sales people who train, opposed to trainers who lecture. Therefore we can empathise with your team and can give real world answers to their problems, rather than theory which is harder to put into practice. Your team will walk away enthused and start putting the new techniques straight into practice.The training is just the beginning with us. In addition to training, we have an open clinic at the sales doctor 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Any delegate we train can call us at any time to discuss any challenges they face or just to get a second opinion on something. Sales Doctor - we'll make you better!!!
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simpli group

“SimpliGroup started working with Sales Doctor in 2006. We wanted to make sure that our sales business had a real sales focus. Sales Doctor has now completed many sessions with our sales teams the results have been superb Chris Downham

Exotic Properties Limited

I would have no doubt of recommending Sales Doctor to any sales driven organisation. It has demonstrated a totally up to date and credible approach to today’s increasingly competitive markets.” Jerry Smythe - Exotic Properties Limited

The Internet Group MD Mitchell Feldman

We saw an immediate rise in motivation and productivity after the training, and we're now starting to see a large increase in business. We would recommend Sales Doctor training to any organisation that wants their sales people improved.

Case Studies

Dukes of London

“We hired Tony for Sales Training and he came up with a course that met our expectations and delivered the results which helped the sales team go from good to great. I would highly recommend Sales Doctor, for the methods they use, the cost effective nature of their offerings and professionalism.

Dukes of London

The UCS Group - Couriers

“I couldn’t be more thrilled with Tony’s approach and the outcome of his training. He didn’t just improve my ability but inspired me to help improve myself” James Hall – Senior sales consultant at UCS

The UCS Group - Couriers

Devono - Commercial property experts

Devono are Commercial Property Experts “This course was something we had not tried before. Loved the fact that it was bespoke for my business. Made a great difference to my people’s attitude and more importantly their performance.“ Robert Leigh - Managing Director

Devono - Commercial property experts