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SD & S Consulting

Six Sigma Training
We have over 16 years of experience in delivering business solutions around the world. Our consultants have delivered in excess of a total of £36 Million of savings and direct benefits in a variety of industries and companies. We have a clear customer-centric goal of achieving real business improvements and tangible business benefits. Our consulting practice expertise is in: Aligning business processes, technology and people Reducing costs, improving efficiency, and increasing operational savings Improving customer service, and increasing product andservice quality Standardising and simplifying business processes Optimising and making technology more efficient in sycn with business processes Reducing the total cost of operation (TCO) and improving return on investment (ROI)
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Large Multinational Electronics company

This project involved managing change and transformation, reducing process time from product design to market, reducing quality issues, synchronising business technology with business processes, and aligning people and roles to business processes

Large Multinational Manufacturing Company

This project involved mapping the manufactuing plant value streams, reducing inventory levels of raw materials, eliminating production waste and improving the efficiency of the production line.

Large Multinational Distribution Company

This project involved improving the efficiency of distribution processes, increasing picking and packing productivity, reducing operational costs by 30%, optimising goods flow, reducing number of touches, and optimising inventory management process

Case Studies

Standardising Processes with Lean Six Sigma

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How to achieve operational excellence at a lower cost

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High visibility of root causes with Lean Six Sigma

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