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Market Research Companies
SynGro's technology integrates seamlessly with CRM solutions to provide qualitative feedback from customers. Linked with the quantitative feedback from CRM systems, you can quickly tell which customers are the most likely to provide profitable growth for your company into the future. You will also be able to tell which are likely to defect and which customers will actively recommend you to others. We take an objective customer-oriented view of your business and then design, develop and implement the improvement programme that will drive your customers up the satisfaction scale towards customer advocacy. We then integrate our software into your business so that you can do this continually. SynGro is a leading expert in the delivery of actionable customer insight for revenue growth.
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CEO, Glass manufacturer and distributor

“Based on SynGro’s work…channel management costs have been reduced by 15% in the intervening period, with sales rising by 24% in the same period.”

Operations Director, Outsourced support service pr

“...we still need to recruit but it’s recruitment for growth, not replacement. And it’s easier now. Overall, recruitment costs are down 38% following SynGro’s engagement. The programme has more than paid for itself within the last 2 quarters.”

FD, medical device manufacturer

“We’ve saved over £100k in development, tooling and manufacturing expenses by launching the ‘lite’ version initially. When the full version is brought to market, we anticipate a sales potential of circa £300k within 2 years.”

Case Studies

Making a business truly customer-centric

When we worked with a building project management company, they wanted to know how they could make their whole business focus on the customer. By using our proven customer insight methodologies and software they now have all of the required information at their fingertips to make important decisions