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WEBenableIT Ltd

Software Developers
Web Enable IT Ltd is a company that specialises in delivering web based solutions to business problems. Most businesses demand a different slant on an application by their nature. Our aim is that Web Enable IT's solutions will fit your business needs exactly and provides a platform for growth. Customised as standard. Web Enable IT solutions work either on your own servers or over the internet via a web browser and exhibit blazing speed even for large queries. Applications 'over the web' enables companies large and small to virtualise their operations by using home working locations for their staff and yet provide management with the complete picture of what is happening say in the field of sales or other business critical applications.
Lewis House
56 Manchester Road
M40 5BP


SolarVenti UK Ltd

Web Enable IT supplied a bespoke CRM enquiry and sales order tracking system to SolarVenti to provide the management with detailed control and vision of what happens with every lead

Context PR Ltd

For Context PR Web Enable IT created a Job Bag system which is the term the media industry use for a Job Costing system. This enabled accurate billing and cost recovery for disbursements such as printing and location hire.

UPS Warehouse

UPS Warehouse provide a fast turnaround service on reconditioned UPS'. With a lot of enquiries and a need to keep control whilst working away in other EU countries the Web Enable system provided the CEO with all the CRM information at his fingertips.