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Access Control Systems

Moving to or establishing a new office space is always a stressful process; there are so many plans to be made and changes implemented, that it is easy for businesses to miss things. During this process though, it is vital that security is not forgotten; cctv systems, burglar alarms and fire alarms are all important, and so are access control systems.

Access control systems are fundamental to the security of any business - they monitor entrances to the building and act as a barrier for your staff against unwanted or uninvited guests. Additionally, an access control system allows you to monitor when people enter or leave the office, and can help you to make sure that staff are accounted for at all times.

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What is an Access Control System?

Access Control Systems are the first line of defence in securing your premises, your staff and the hardware that makes your business function. Approved Index can put you in touch with a range of experienced Access Control Systems companies that can work out the best way for you to make the physical components of your business secure.

In their simplest form, Access Control Systems make the access points to your building secure, ensuring that only the people who should be in the building can gain access to it. High level Access Control Systems use computer systems to log which users are present in the building, and if a number of doors are joined to the system, these Access Control Systems can show where in the building these individuals are.

How Access Control Systems Work

Access Control Systems usually work through the use of one of three components:

  • Access Control Systems. 'Smart cards' which are specially encoded meaning that they cannot be duplicated. These Smart Cards work as keys to give the user entrance through any portals joined to your Access Control System. They are generally the size of credit cards and have infinite life because they do not need batteries.
  • Key Fobs. Work in very much the same way and give individual entrance through specific access control systems.
  • The most high-end Access Control Systems use top of the range biometric technology such as fingerprint scanners - guaranteeing only appropriate people are entering your premises.

Access Control Systems Benefits

Access Control Systems are designed to give you peace of mind. When you're in the office your Access Control System controls the flow of personnel into the building, thus keeping your staff safe. At night, if your office is protected by an Access Control System, you can feel confident that the tools of your trade are being protected. Similarly, for home security, an access control system can create a great sense of safety.

Protect your office properly: invest in an Access Control System and experience the peace of mind that comes with high-level security.

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This page has been written to give a little information about access control systems; however, if you would like to find out more - including how it could work with your business - you should speak to a supplier today - Approved Index can help here.

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