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Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar Alarm Systems

Whether you are a business owner or a homeowner, the threat of burglary is always going to be a fear. Leaving your property without protection can lead to anxiety, whether you are just out at work during the day, or away on holiday for a longer period of time.

Burglar alarms are becoming increasingly popular as tools to reduce these fears, with a huge number of businesses and households choosing to invest in equipment to help create peace of mind. Burglar alarms can be employed in combination with CCTV systems, access control systems and fire alarms to provide a huge level of safety and security, both at home and in the office.

For most people, the main reason for installing an alarm of any variety is to reduce the risk of crime or danger, however an intruder alarm also goes a long way toward improving your insurance quotes and prices. Indeed, as a business owner, a burglar alarm can sometimes be a mandatory requirement to ensure that you meet your insurance guidelines.

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Compare Burglar Alarm System Prices

Burglar alarm systems come in a variety of forms, with different products offering different features. Knowing which to choose for your home or business will require a number of considerations.

Although the functions offered will vary from product to product, the list below includes some common features.

  • Siren
  • Audible alarm
  • Internal control panel
  • Dial-out functionality
  • Smartphone usability

The two sections below contain information - including functionality and pricing - for just some of the systems that you may want to consider.

Home Burglar Alarm Systems

Homeowners will have different needs to business owners; for one thing, a homeowner will require a less complex system. This is in part due to the size of residential properties compared to business properties, and also because homeowners will have less people to consider when planning.

Home intruder alarms are used increasingly across the UK both as a way to deter burglars and as way to catch them. The table below compares just two of the more popular options.

SwannOne Home Burglar Alarm Starter KitSwannOne Home Burglar Alarm
  • Smartphone alerts
  • Home, away & night modes
  • Smart hub that detects glass breakage
Yale Alarms SR 340 Smart Home AlarmYale Home Burglar Alarm
  • Smartphone alerts
  • Keypad included when app is unavailable
  • 20 second entry/exit period

Either of the alarm systems in the table above would be suitable for your home, but as with many products, price is an indicator of quality. Speaking to an expert supplier is the best way to decide which sort of option is best for you.

Business Burglar Alarm Systems

Business owners will have to consider a number of factors that will not apply to home security. Monitoring a number of access doors, as well as a larger number of people will mean that the system you choose will need to be more complex, and also scalable.

Business intruder alarms are available in a number of forms, with equipment available to match the requirements of a number of industries. The table below includes just two examples that you may want to consider for your operation.

Professional PT HW8COM Wired Alarm SystemPT HW8COM Wired Alarm System
  • 8 zone programmable control panel
  • Pre-programmed dial-out functionality
  • Siren with xenon strobe light
Yale Kit 2 Easy Fit Telecommunicating Alarm KitYale Business Burglar Alarm
  • Touch screen control panel
  • Pre-programmed dial-out functionality
  • Enhanced jamming detection

Either alarm system in the table above would be suitable for your business, but as with many products, price is an indicator of quality. Speaking to an expert supplier is the best way to decide which sort of option is best for you.

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Home Intruder Alarms

Protecting your home is something that causes worry for countless people; not only do homeowners want to protect their property and belongings, but their loved ones too. Home security is becoming more and more important, and more common too as people become more aware of the alarm installation process that can lead to a huge increase in peace of mind.

For many people, an alarm system does not only provide peace of mind during holidays or longer trips, but also during smaller periods of time too. Even being at work during the day or going out in the evening can leave your home exposed

As mentioned, home intruder alarms are becoming more and more common, especially in larger cities like London, where the threat of crime can be greater. Fortunately, as these systems do become more common, the ease and cost of installation becomes more manageable. As with any other technology, as it develops and becomes more common, it becomes far easier for people to purchase it acquire it for themselves.

Equally, as home burglar alarm systems become more common, more options and varieties become available, and so it can be difficult to decide on exactly which system, and which features you need. There are also some other considerations to consider.

Home Burglar Alarm Features & Considerations

Home Burglar Alarm Systems

As important as a home burglar alarm is, it is unrealistic to assume that homeowners will have an unlimited budget. For that reason, it is important to understand which features will be most suitable and important.

  • DIY or Professional Installation. There are a number of self-install products available to homeowners, however it is important to remember the limitations. These options can save you money, but they tend to be lower-spec; if you want or need an alarm that which is connected to the police, for example, then you will have to opt for a professional installation. Generally, you will be safer or better protected when you opt for a professionally installed intruder alarm system.
  • Audible or Monitored. Closely linked to the point above, this consideration is vitally important. Choosing between an audible alarm and monitored alarm can be difficult; the first - as the name suggests - emits a loud alarm sound; this option is not connected to the police or to a security team, however and so relies on a manual response, whether from you or from a neighbour. A monitored alarm, on the other hand, will automatically signal either the police or a security team who will then check the property. An audible alarm system may be more than suitable if you live on a busy street where people are able to inform the police of a break-in, but will be significantly less effective in secluded properties where people are unlikely to notice the sound.
  • Local or National. As with a number of other technologies and services, many people would prefer to have a more widely known and recognised company managing their home security. Local companies can often be a cheaper and more convenient option, though, so it is important to consider both. With Approved Index’s quote comparison service, you are able to compare options from some of the UK’s most well known companies against quotes from smaller, local providers.
  • Wireless or Wired. Each of these options comes with benefits that you will want to consider. Wireless home intruder alarms are generally easier to install as well as less intrusive, with fewer wires having to be integrated. This generally reduces installation costs and also allows for greater flexibility, if you move home for example. Unfortunately, however, if you require a quality alarm system, you do have less wireless options that conform to industry standards. Wired intruder alarms, in comparison, are generally considered more robust and reliable; they also tend to require less ongoing maintenance and there are more options that meet industry guidelines.

The considerations above are important to remember for any homeowner looking to install a burglar alarm system. Knowing which option you would like will help you to understand what costs you might expect to incur, and so understanding your requirements is very important.

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Business Intruder Alarms

Business security is a very different issue to home security. Although burglar alarms for each tend to be implemented or installed with the same general goal - security and safety - there are a range of factors that separate the two.

Business intruder alarm systems generally have to be more complex than home alarms, in part because business premises tend to be larger, but also because businesses will normally be visited by a much wider range of people. With a home alarm system, you are likely to need only a single access point which can be used by anyone living in the house. In a business, however, there can often be a larger number of access points, as well as a much larger number of people that will need to be aware of and complying by your security standards.

In many ways, this difference between home and business means that business security has to be more versatile. This could mean that a business intruder alarm system will need to have multiple access points, each with control panels attached, but it will also mean a larger number of sections being monitored, with more equipment - from alarms to cameras - installed to allow for maximum security.

Fortunately, there are a number of specialist burglar alarm suppliers that are well equipped and experienced when it comes to handling large-scale security systems. This means that, for business looking to improve their premises security, there are a large number of options, not only in products and features, but also in suppliers and installation too.

As with home burglar alarms above, there a number of considerations that business owners or managers will need to consider when planning or installing a security system. The information below can help you to understand some of the features that you will need to consider.

Business Burglar Alarm Features & Considerations

Business Burglar Alarm Systems

Just as with a home alarm system, businesses will need to consider a number of features when planning to install an intruder alarm. As mentioned already, these considerations can be more complex than they are with home systems.

  • Professional or DIY Installation. Although self-installation is a possibility, for businesses, this option is far less likely. Indeed generally speaking, a business will require professional installation in order to allow for police connection and constant monitoring. Likewise, for larger business that employ an internal security team, it is vitally important that the intruder alarm system is working as well as it possibly can be.
  • Audible or MonitoredAs above, the second of these options will generally be chosen by businesses. Based simply on expense and the risk of theft or damage, it is vital that businesses opt for monitored protection. It is also important to consider location - offices, for example, are often located in areas alongside other offices but few residential properties. In these cases, it is incredibly likely that an audible, non-monitored alarm will be ineffective at times where people are not at their offices.
  • Wireless or Wired. As mentioned in the home burglar alarm section, the difference between these alarms is important to bear in mind. As in examples above, it is likely that this decision will largely be made by necessity. Because they are generally more secure and reliable, a permanent wired alarm is probably going to be needed. In addition, because businesses will generally be spread over a larger space, a wireless burglar alarm system will not always be appropriate. A wired intruder alarm is likely to be a much safer choice for an office for business.
  • Type of Business. Although it may seem obvious, it is important to mention and remember that different types of business will require different types of security. An office will have a specific set of needs, and these needs are not likely to match exactly to a retailer’s specifications. Offices are more likely to worry about assets, like laptops and other pieces of expensive equipment; a shop on the other hand, will be more concerned with cash theft and shoplifting. Whereas a shop might want to include a panic alarm in their system, for example, an office building may pay more attention to access systems and other features.

The considerations above are important to remember for any business owner or manager looking to install a burglar alarm system. Knowing which option you would like will help you to understand what costs you might expect to incur, and so understanding your requirements is very important.

For businesses, the best way to find the most suitable security system is by speaking directly to supplier. By clicking the button below you can begin this process. Approved Index’s quote comparison service is quick, easy and free.

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Burglar Alarm Price Comparisons

The information below is designed to give some basic ideas as to how much a business owner or homeowner might expect to pay for specific devices that are required to make a burglar alarm system work.

Although these prices may give some idea as to how much might be spent on equipment, it is important to consider added costs that will not be included here. Installation, for example, will be an added expense that should be kept in mind.

The table below includes a list of products you might need alongside prices you may expect to pay for that piece of equipment. Some of the prices may be more or less than you would expect; indeed, it is possible that some businesses may require more specialist equipment than what is included in this data.

For a more accurate idea as to how much you might pay for your system, simply complete the form at the top of this page.

Control Panel£30-£150For the basic Intruder Alarm System control panel, you could pay as little as £30 with prices rising to £150 or more for more complex, sophisticated options.
Detectors£5-£150For a basic detector suitable for a home you can pay as little as £5, with prices rising to £150 or more for more powerful options.
Sounder£10-£100A basic household sounder could cost as little £10, with options ranging up toward £100 and more for superior models.
Panic Button£5-£50Useful in retail stores and banks, a panic button can cost as little as £5.
Back-up Batteries£5-£30The prices for back-up power options will vary based on size. A cheaper back-up battery will be enough for a home burglar alarm system, whereas a business may need something larger.

As mentioned already, these prices are not definitive and may not reflect the cost quoted to you. However, it is possible to use this data to estimate the sort of cost you might expect to encounter - scaling the information to better match your requirements can be a good way to make an overall budget for your home or business intruder alarm system.

Intruder Alarm System Features

As mentioned already in the sections above, different alarm systems and features will be required depending on your premises. A home will require a different system to a business, and likewise, smaller and larger businesses will require different features too.

The information below gives some information on the equipment on offer and should allow you to make some decisions as to what you will need for your business or home intruder alarm system.

Control Panel

Burglar alarm control panels are the central point of any intruder alarm system, whether in a home or at a business premise.

Control panels are available as a stand-alone unit which includes a keypad and controls in a wall-mounted panel, or as a blank end-station, where the alarm is operated using a remote keypad.

Burglar alarm control panels generally include the following features:

  • Mains & battery powered. Normally the control panel will use the mains to stay active, however most control panels also have the option to run by battery in the event of a power failure.
  • Multiple Detection Zones. This option allows for different settings to be used in different areas, with options available to differentiate zones in a building.
  • Connections. Most control panels can be connected to a variety of accessories to provide full coverage, whatever equipment is being used.

As shown in the table above, control panel prices can range from £30 to £150, or more for added or superior functionality.

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Detectors, as the name suggests, are the part of your burglar alarm system that detects the intruder. There are three main types of detector:

  • Glass Break Detectors
  • Motion Detectors
  • Vibration Detectors

How each of these detectors works is fairly self-explanatory; however, knowing how to get the best out of them is less so. Using a combination of all three is the best way to provide full protection and security for your business. Speaking to a supplier is the best way to understand how these detectors are best utilised.

There are also other forms of detector to consider - many businesses choose to incorporate door opening detectors, which - as the name suggests - will set off the alarm in the event that a door is opened out of hours.

Although prices vary considerably depending on your requirements, you can generally expect to pay anywhere between £5 and £150 for detectors.

Attack Buttons and Sound Alarms

Attack buttons and sound alarms both come with specific bonuses. Attack buttons, otherwise known as panic buttons, allow staff or people within the home to immediately alert the emergency services in the event of a break-in or robbery, for example.

This kind of feature is most commonly going to be used in a retail store, or on a premises where high-value items are held. Banks, for example, will almost always include panic or attack buttons in their security setups.

You could expect to pay between £5 and £50 for a panic button. Of course, it is worth bearing in mind quality. Having a cheap panic button that does not work could be a huge cause for concern in the event of an emergency. In terms of safety, it is sometimes better to spend more to ensure quality.

Battery and Backup Battery

The main purpose of a back-up battery is to ensure power, even in the event of a disaster or power failure.

Important not only because sometimes potential criminals will try and cut power to a premises in order to enter undetected, but also because - in the event of a power failure - your alarm system may begin to go off, even when no threat is present.

Having a backup battery connected to your system is the best way to ensure that you do not lose connection in the event of any sort of emergency. This not only helps to protect your business, but it can also help to make sure that your security needs are met, without incurring additional costs that may come with unnecessary callouts.

You can expect to pay between £5 and £30 for backup batteries; it is important to remember, though, that for a larger building or for a more complicated intruder alarm system, you may require additional batteries, or even a more sophisticated power system.

Compare Burglar Alarm Supplier Quotes

The information on this page should have given you a much better idea as to what sort of considerations will need to be made when installing or planning to install an intruder alarm system. Whether you are a home or business owner, the data and information should help you to understand your needs.

However, as mentioned, it is not always possible to provide a definitive guide and cost estimate without more information. The best way to do this is to speak to experts. This is where Approved Index can help.

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