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Fire Alarm Systems

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Fire and rescue services attended around 162,000 fires in England alone during 2015 and 2016, with around 73,400 of those being ‘primary fires’ - incidents where people can come to harm or properties can be damaged. The number of primary fires has risen around 3% from the year before, and overall there was an increase in the number of ‘primary fires’ in homes and other areas.

Because of the potential damage and harm that can be caused, fire and smoke alarms are one of the most important security tools that can be installed, both for homes and businesses. Fortunately, it is possible to purchase and install fire and smoke alarms complete with sophisticated detectors that can help to identify danger as early as possible.

For home and business owners, protecting your personal property is secondary - the main aim for most fire and smoke alarms is to protect people. Indeed, on business premises, there are strict guidelines that should be adhered to in order to protect your staff and visitors. For that reason, and others, looking into and installing fire alarm systems is vitally important.

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Compare Fire Alarm System Prices

Fire alarms come in a number of forms, with systems offering different features. Knowing which to choose for your home or business will depend on a number of factors.

Although functionality will differ between products, the list below includes some common features.

  • Siren
  • Audible alarm
  • Internal control panel
  • Dial-out functionality
  • Smartphone accessibility

The two sections below contain information - including functionality and pricing - for just some of the fire alarms that you may want to consider.

Fire Alarm System Comparison

Home and business owners will have different needs; whereas a homeowner will require a less complex fire and smoke alarm system, a business owner will require one that is capable of operating over a larger premises, and potentially over multiple locations.

Fire and smoke alarms are used across the UK both as a way to prevent and reduce fire damage. The table below compares a few popular security systems that may be suitable for your home or business.

2 Zone Fire Alarm Conventional Kit2 Zone Fire Alarm Conventional Kit
  • Fire & smoke detectors
  • Conventional 2 zone control panel
  • 2 manual call points
Ltd 2ZFAK 2 Zone Fire Alarm KitLtd 2ZFAK 2 Zone Fire Alarm Kit
  • Additional battery power source
  • Conventional 2 zone control panel
  • 2 manual call points
8 Zone EDA Zerio Plus Addressable Wireless Fire Alarm8 Zone EDA Zerio Plus Addressable Wireless Fire Alarm
  • Wireless
  • 8 zone control panel
  • Mains connected control panel

The alarm systems in the table above are genrally suitable for both home and business premises.Speaking to an expert supplier is the best way to decide which sort of option is best for you.

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Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems at Home

Home Fire and Smoke Alarms

Protecting the home with a combination of alarm systems and security equipment is becoming increasingly common. Thanks to vast improvements in technology and functionality, it has become possible for homeowners to purchase and install the appropriate equipment without investing large amounts of money as they may have had to do in the past.

Fire and smoke are concerns for a huge number of people, and indeed, for homeowners with families and loved ones, protecting them is hugely important. As mentioned already, fire services in England attended around 160,000 fires in 2015 and 2016; there is no doubt, however, that the damage and harm caused in these incidents was significantly reduced by the growing use of protective and preventative equipment.

The need for fire and smoke alarms in homes is one that is widely recognised, even if it is not widely implemented. Most homes, for example, will use smoke detectors - however, in a huge number of homes, these detectors are not up to standard, with even something as simple as battery life and testing being overlooked. In rental properties these detectors are mandatory, although it is generally accepted that more can be done to ensure the safety of both tenants and property.

As a homeowner, you are far better able to address the issue above. Although tenants may not have much power to install more sophisticated protective equipment, it is certainly in the best interest of homeowners to do so. Not only does this protect your family, but it can also be a vitally important way to protect your assets - both real estate and belongings.

If you are a homeowner and you want to protect your home, then a fire and smoke alarm system is essential. The information on this page can give you an excellent idea as to the sort of features and considerations you need to bear in mind. For more detailed information, and for price quotes too, you should complete the form at the top of the page.

Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems for Businesses

Business Fire and Smoke Alarms

Although business owners will be driven by many of the same reasons that would inspire a homeowner to invest in business security, they also need to bear in mind a number of other factors.

Generally speaking, a business owner's primary aim will be to protect their assets and staff - most offices, for example, house important equipment and information that holds business and financial value. By protecting these assets, and by ensuring the safety of their employees, business owners ensure the continued success of their enterprise.

Of course, there are other significant factors that business owners need to consider. Just like with landlords needing to provide suitable fire protection equipment in their rental properties, so too do business owners need to provide suitable fire and smoke protection on their premises. This does not only include the fire and smoke alarm equipment that will be examined on this page, but also includes additional protective accessories, like fire blankets and extinguishers.

Abiding by health and safety law to ensure that your staff are as safe as possible is not only good sense as a way of ensuring the continued success of your business, but it is a legal necessity.

To find out more about the equipment and features your business needs to invest in, continue reading. With Approved Index, you can get a top quality fire alarm system that suits you.

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Fire Alarm Equipment Prices

Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner, the cost of your fire alarm system is likely to be a massive factor when it comes to your planning, purchasing and installation. Unfortunately, because there are a number of variables that can affect the overall cost, it is difficult to estimate with 100% accuracy.

It is possible to provide average prices however that can help you to better understand what kind of functionality you will need to consider, and what that might cost. The information below can be used to do this.

Control Panel£100-£1200For the basic fire alarm control panel, you could pay between £100 and £1200, with some systems costing even more for sophisticated functionality.
Smoke & Flame Detectors£5-£150For a basic detector suitable for a home you can pay as little as £5 for a cheap, non-connected option, with prices rising to £150 or more for more powerful wired options.
Manual Activation Points£20-£100The prices can vary considerably depending on the equipment you need. As with all safety equipment though, it is often worth paying more to ensure quality.

The information in the table is not definitive, but can provide a good idea as to how much you might be paying. For a top of the range fire alarm system, you will more likely be paying at the higher end of the scales provided.

You can also use this table to produce more complete price estimates - this can be done by expanding the number of devices required, and by working out which end of the price scale you are more likely to need to pay.

Fire and Smoke Alarm Features & Equipment

Fire and Smoke Alarm Equipment

Professional standard fire and smoke alarm systems offer a huge range of benefits and features which make them superior to the ordinary forms of equipment that are generally employed.

Quality fire and smoke alarms are superior both in terms of the quality of detection and the response once a threat has been detected. For automatic emergency service response, for example, a home or business owner will require a sophisticated system. Cheap, simple smoke detectors do not offer this feature.

The information below gives an insight into the quality and assistance offered by a number of tools and features. Reading this information can help you to better understand what your premises might require; however, for a clearer idea of how this can be implemented and the costs involved, you should complete the form at the top of the page.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors

Only around one and a half million homes in England have a smoke alarm, with many of those only having simple smoke detectors that offer limited protection. According to data, only one in three of these devices work in the event of a fire, and only one in eight of them is regularly tested by homeowners. Looking into professional standard smoke detectors is an excellent way to improve the effectiveness of a potentially life-saving device.

As mentioned, the most common form of smoke detector has a tendency to be ineffective. With sophisticated smoke alarms, however, you are able to protect your home, with earlier detection and automatic emergency service alerts built-in to ensure your safety, and the safety of your home or business.

The features below are typical of most quality smoke detectors:

  • Audible Alarm - As with traditional alarms, more sophisticated equipment can emit an audible alarm that will draw attention to the incident.
  • Visual Alarm - Although many traditional smoke detectors do not include these features, most modern detectors do. This functionality provides another indicator to help people recognise an incident, but it also provides a warning for people who are hard of hearing or deaf.
  • Early Detection - It was mentioned above that many traditional smoke alarms do not work. That is not the case with professional standard equipment. With modern smoke alarms, earlier detection is possible. This not only warns residents or staff to the danger, but can be programmed to alert the appropriate services at once, before the risk becomes too great.
  • Monitoring - Unlike with cheaper equipment, which cannot be monitored, fire alarm suppliers will maintain constant monitoring to provide 24/7 safety.
  • Mains Powered - Most people do not check the batteries in their smoke detectors. A smoke alarm that comes as part of a fire alarm system will remove this need. With a mains powered fire and smoke alarm you never need to worry again.

Smoke detectors are a vitally important part of any fire alarm system. To get the best one, it is important that home and business owners compare the suppliers and equipment that is available.

Smoke detectors can cost you between £5 and £150 depending on the quality you are looking for.

Using Approved Index’s quote comparison service can help with this process. It’s quick and easy, and designed to help you save your new top-quality system.

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Flame Detectors

Flame Detectors

Flame detectors work in a similar way to smoke detectors, with the equipment programmed to alert the appropriate people and services as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency. Flame detectors are generally less common than smoke detectors however, despite being hugely important.

Fire detectors can detect flames in a number of ways - ultraviolet and infrared detectors, for example, are used in many, whereas others use heat detection, visible sensors or even CCTV feeds. As mentioned, and like smoke detectors, fire detectors are designed to respond automatically, to prevent danger and reduce as quickly as possible.

The features below are typical of most quality fire detectors:

  • Audible Alarm - An audible alarm is vital. Just like with smoke detectors, a fire alarm will emit a loud noise to bring people’s attention to the incident and risk.
  • Visual Alarm - As above, a visual alarm is included in most fire detectors to add another warning signal. As mentioned, this also means that people with poor hearing will have an indicator in the event of an emergency.
  • Early Detection - It goes without saying that, the earlier a fire is discovered, the more time there is to extinguish it. A fire detector can automate this process, alerting the appropriate people and emergency services instantly.
  • Mains Powered - As mentioned already, most people do not check their smoke alarms at all. Having mains powered equipment eliminates the risk that this can cause. Likewise, a mains powered fire alarm will be able to work for a long time, without any maintenance being required.
  • Automatic Responses - In some industries or building types, there may be inherent risks. Modern fire detectors are able to automatically counter these risks - this could mean turning off gas, or reducing access to certain areas. In any case and in any building, though, a flame detector can significantly reduce risk and danger.

Flame detectors are a vitally important part of any fire alarm system, but they are massively overlooked. To get the best equipment, it is important that home and business owners compare suppliers and the equipment that is on offer.

Flame detectors can cost you between £5 and £150 depending on the quality you are looking for.

Manual Activation Points

Manual Activation Points

Manual activation points allow people to activate a fire alarm without having to wait for detectors. This is an incredibly useful piece of equipment that should be included in any fire and smoke alarm system as standard.

Although the detectors mentioned above work very effectively to alert the appropriate parties, there will be times where manual activation is required. Indeed, in any event where a person notices a fire or incident before a detector does, the manual activation can be used to save precious time.

Along with a number of the other features in this list, manual activation points will be required in a number of buildings, and in a number of businesses. University halls or hotels, for example, will always include this option to allow for immediate alert which could remove a number of people from harm.

Most people will be aware of the basic functionality of manual activation points - like the detectors above, they can also be programmed to respond in a specific way when activated. If, for example, you require specific systems to shut down in an emergency, these emergency buttons can be wired to allow for that.

To install fire safety equipment in your home or business, you simply need to complete the quick and easy form at the top of this page.

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Control Panel

Fire Alarm Control Panel

A fire alarm control panel - as the name suggests - is the control point for every fire alarm system.

The control panel is connected to the rest of the system - it is possible control and monitor the various other tools and detectors through the control panel and, with it, users are able to remotely manage and control the equipment. Your fire alarm control panel can also be used to programme detectors and to reset or start specific devices.

Whether you need a control panel or not is likely to be dictated by the system you want to opt for. A business with various detectors and devices will, by necessity, require a control panel capable of managing the overall system. Even if it not strictly necessary though, installing a control panel is a good way to get the most out of your system.

As well as the information already supplied, fire alarm control panels can be used to fulfil various other functions:

  • System Reset - Allows users to reset the entire fire alarm system in the event of a mistake, or when an incident has been taken care of.
  • Acknowledge Abnormalities - Control panels can be used to acknowledge abnormalities. If, for example, a detector is malfunctioning, the control panel can be used to acknowledge this fact, ensuring that there are no false emergency service alerts.
  • Drill - Fire drills should be carried out periodically to ensure that everyone knows how to respond in the event of an emergency. In schools and offices, for example, it should happen fairly frequently. With a control panel you are able to perform drills risk-free.

Control panels offers several more features which can be incredibly useful to users. Indeed, if you are intending on installing a system, most suppliers would suggest including a control panel.

Compare Fire Alarm Suppliers

The information on this page should give a give a good idea as to the kind of features, considerations and functionality that need to be remembered with a fire alarm system. However, without knowing your exact specifications it can be difficult to provide an accurate quote. This is where Approved Index can help.

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