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London Burglary Statistics

London Burglary Statistics

Latest figures show that during the 2016 and 2017 financial year, there were more than 20,000 home burglaries across London; this number rises to over 32,000 with business addresses included. These burglaries cost not only a huge amount of money and time in police resource, but it also costs both homeowners and businesses a significant amount.

Calculating the cost of a burglary can be difficult - according to the national office for statistics, a burglary costs just under £3,000 in insurance costs, although this is including all types of burglaries. Based on this information, we can assume that business place burglaries will cost significantly more.

In any case, based just on insurance costs alone, burglaries cost Londoners around £124 million every year, and that is without factoring in the emotional cost and damage that can occur.

As with a number of cities in the UK, London suffers a higher burglary incidence rate than many other areas - including more rural communities - which means that business security investment and home security investment is an excellent idea for any company or resident based there.

The information on this page has been designed to provide information to any business or home owner interested in the rates, risks and costs of burglary in London.

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London Burglary Statistics by Borough

We have collected data to calculate where in London residents pay the highest price for burglary. Our figures have come from a number of sources, including from the office for national statistics and from the Metropolitan Police databases.

Cost of Burglary in London Boroughs

By using the average cost of a burglary - £2,883 to replace or repair items or damaged fixtures - Approved Index has been able to calculate the overall cost of burglaries to residents in each of the London boroughs. To do this, we multiplied the average cost of a burglary by the number of burglaries in each borough, leading us to the final numbers that will be included in the maps and tables below.

The data gives a rough overview of the city of London’s burglary statistics, but can also be compared to other areas and regions across the UK.

The map below has been designed with a scale to show the boroughs where overall burglaries cost the least - light green - to most - dark green - each year.

Cost of Burglary by London Borough

The darker the green, the higher the number of burglaries and cost per borough.

Risk of Burglary in London Boroughs

Understanding how much risk there is of burglary in your borough or area can have a significant impact on whether a person feels that they need extra security or not.

To work out the annual risk for residences in each borough, we simply divided the number of burglaries that occurred in a year by the number of residences - population divided by the national number of residents per residence. This provided us with a percent-based risk that could then be compared to the rest of the city.

Interestingly, the risk of burglary and cost of burglary did not line up exactly, and some areas that may seem less likely to suffer from crime appeared quite high on this particular list. Kensington and Chelsea, for example, is the borough where residents have the 4th highest risk of being burgled.

The map below has been designed with a scale to demonstrate the boroughs where residences are at the highest risk of being burgled, with light red showing the least, and dark red showing the highest risk areas.

Risk of Burglary by London Borough

The darker the red, the greater the risk of burglaries per residence.

Compare London Borough Burglary Costs and Risks

The table below includes a side by side comparison of the top 10 results for both scales already included in the maps above. It is important to note that, in this table, the two lists do not exactly line up - this demonstrates the discrepancy between cost and risk of burglary.

Compare the cost and risk of burglary in your borough by finding the right placement on each side.

In this list, the boroughs included either suffer the highest annual cost of burglary - in the left column - or are at the highest risk of burglary - in the right column.

RankBoroughAnnual Cost of Burglary OverallBoroughAnnual Risk of Burglary per ResidenceRank
4Haringey£5,164,559Kensington & Chelsea1.46%4
9Redbridge£4,331,657Hammersmith & Fulham1.35%9

CCTV & Alarm System Installation London

CCTV installation in London is covered by a range of suppliers; of course, most London based companies will cover the whole city, but some companies may be more suited to your area and security risks.

For any business or homeowner, it is important to understand the requirements that go with CCTV installation. For example, in homes, you will need to be careful where a CCTV camera is pointing, and you will want to understand what kind of response you can expect in the event of a break-in. Likewise, for business, there will be certain responsibilities that will inform or dictate where you can install CCTV cameras. Working with a qualified CCTV installer is the best way to ensure that you do not encounter any issues.

Wherever you are in London, it is important that you get quotes from as many CCTV suppliers as possible - fortunately, Approved Index can help here. We work with several top-quality London CCTV suppliers to supply both homes and businesses with the best possible security equipment and protection.

London CCTV Suppliers Comparison

The information below contains information about several London CCTV system suppliers. Completing the form at the top of this page is the best way to be put in touch with these providers today.

Effective Vision LtdEffective Vision CCTV LondonMarlborough, London?????
Vical SecurityVical Security CCTV LondonMayfair, London?????
PukiroPukiro CCTV LondonNeasden, London????
Blank SystemsBlank Systems CCTV LondonActon, London????

The London CCTV suppliers included in the table above are based across the city and can offer services and products to homes and businesses in various boroughs. Indeed, wherever in London you are, Approved Index is sure to work with a local provider that can match your needs.

Compare London CCTV & Alarm Suppliers Today

Protecting your home or business is of vital importance; unfortunately though, this task can often be difficult to do indefinitely. This is one of the reasons that so many London residents and business owners are having security systems installed.

If you are interested in having security cameras or alarms installed at your home or business location, then comparing supplier quotes is the best way to find a deal that suits you. Approved Index can help here. We use your location and specifications to provide quotes from up to 4 top-quality UK suppliers.

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