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Shop Security Systems

Shop Security Systems

Shoplifting costs the retail sector between £20 and £300 for each incident that’s reported to the police. 22% of all retail and wholesale establishments experience losses due to shoplifting. In 2015 there was a total of 12,358 incidents per 1,000 premises with a staggering 8,862 of those thefts caused by customers.

And yet, there are still shop owners who don’t make enough of an investment in security measures. Smaller establishments on smaller budgets can still protect their establishments by buying an alarm and a CCTV system that is functional and affordable. There are a wide range of shop security systems on the market and many of the budget ranges are good quality devices.

To find out more about the range of retail security systems available in the UK, simply continue reading the content on this page. To compare quotes straight away today though, you just need to fill in the form at the top of this page. Alternatively, to find out more about other security options, you could visit our residential security systems or business security systems pages.

Comparing retail security systems with Approved Index is free, quick and easy, and it could save you as much as 40% on your purchase and installation costs.

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Retail Security System Options

A security system for a shop should include alarms in the event of a burglary or fire. CCTV cameras inside and outside the store and if necessary an access control system for the office, or wherever the money is kept. Larger establishments also use tags on their goods and security guards as part of their retail security systems.

CCTV will deter some shoplifters from committing an offence. They know that a video made by CCTV is the absolute proof that they were committing a crime. It’s hard to say you weren’t in the vicinity or you didn’t do anything, when there it is in colour, date stamped and timed.

Alarms will protect your property from fire. Research has shown that around 70% of businesses would have to close as a result of a fire. Not only do you have to deal with the damaged caused to the building, but also the loss of stock and paperwork.

Fire and burglar alarms should be part of the security systems for stores. You can have alarms installed by professional companies, who also offer a 24/7 monitoring service, like Verisure. They usually charge per month or per year. If you have a small business, you can buy and fit your own alarm. Manufacturers like Yale and Honeywell sell a wide range of alarm systems at affordable prices.

Shop Security Features

Shops require a very specific set of security measures to ensure that staff and customers stay safe, but also to ensure that instances of theft are reduced. To find out more about these options, just take a look at the sections below.

CCTV Systems in Retail

CCTV cameras come in a variety of designs. Bullet cameras take images from a fixed view. They are compact and inexpensive to buy. Dome shaped cameras are perfect for indoor use. They are slightly larger than bullet cameras. Disguised CCTV is as the name suggests, made to look like smoke alarms or lights. Once you have chosen your style, then you should look for features such as day and night capability, varifocal or fixed lenses, wires or Wi-Fi or pan-tilt-zoom, which move. A high definition camera will give you better detail.

Intruder Alarm Systems in Retail

Burglar alarms will normally detect motion and temperature. For example, if an intruder opens a window, the temperature in the room will drop and this will activate the alarm. Some intruder alarms also work with a camera, so that images are recorded. If you have a device with an app, you can see what is happening in the building via your smartphone.

Fire Alarm Systems in Retail

Fire alarms are available as basic ‘siren only’ models, or attached to more sophisticated technology that enables you to monitor the property from your smartphone, receive notifications if a fire starts and inform the fire brigade. You can have an alarm fitted by a company that monitor the building for you, or you can purchase and fit your own alarm.

Access Control Systems in Retail

Access control systems protect your building and your staff from unwanted visitors. If you need to protect the entrance to your building, or just an area within it, an access control system will make sure that only authorised personnel have access. There are various types of access control systems ranging from simple numerical keypads, to more sophisticated video, audio and face recognition devices.

Guard Response and Monitoring

Guard response and monitoring is a total security measure that gives you the benefit of having your shop monitored 24/7 for burglary or fire, together with a service that will inform you and the emergency services if an incident occurs. A security guard from the guard response team will also be sent out to your premises. Services like this are normally provided by security companies, such as Verisure and you have a contract with them paid for on a monthly or annual basis.

Best Retail Alarm Systems

Have a look at the following three shop security alarm systems. They range from an affordable, to a high quality option, so that you can choose which one suits your budget.

The table below includes a brief comparison of the three best retail alarm systems.

LS5000 Wireless Intruder Alarm KitLynteck£150★★★★★
Easy Fit Smartphone Wireless Intruder AlarmYale£500★★★★★
Galaxy Flex FX020Honeywell£1,400★★★★

The table above does not include a huge range of information - for more, just see the sections below.

Lynteck-LS5000 Wireless Intruder Alarm Kit

Lynteck-LS5000 Wireless Intruder Alarm

This Lynteck LS5000 Intruder Alarm System is a good shop alarm for a small retail business. The pack contains two PR sensors, one is wired and the other one is wireless. The system is capable of working with 24 sensors, so you can add more security in the future, or if you move to larger premises.

Up to four zones can be programmed, so that you can manage the alarm from different areas within your premises. The alarm has an operating range of up to 80 metres and you can also add a siren alert as an optional extra. The Lynteck LS500 costs around £150.

Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Wireless Intruder Alarm Kit

Yale Easy Fit Smartphone Wireless Intruder Alarm Kit

This shop security alarm system is more sophisticated than the Lynteck model. It is ideal for a retailer who wants to be able to monitor the shop premises from a smartphone.

The Yale kit comes with one PR sensor with a built-in camera and one other standard sensor and two window/door sensors. The system is designed to take 30 sensors in total, so it is perfect for larger premises. The sensors have a good range and can be placed up to 30 metres from the control box.

Once the system is connected to a router, you can view your premises through your smartphone and if the alarm goes off, you will be notified automatically. The kit is easy to install and you can buy it for around £500.

Honeywell Galaxy Flex FX020

Honeywell Galaxy Flex FX020

This is a high-quality alarm system suitable for large retail premises. The kit contains a door access control, which works with up to 25 users and a burglar and fire alarm. It is a comprehensive system which will meet most of your security measures.

It is a state of the art system that controls all three functions from one central panel. The kit also contains a keypad, a smoke detector, a panic button, a bell box and a smoke bomb. There are four PIR motion sensors and you can wire up to 20 zones. You can the kit for around £1,400.

Best Shop CCTV Systems

Retail CCTV systems are incredibly common, and indeed necessary to help businesses protect their assets, staff and customers. To find out more about some of the best options, simply read the section below and compare some of the best rated cameras on the market.

The table below includes a brief comparison of the three best retail CCTV systems.

Smart Living HD720Yale£150★★★★★
8NVR CCTV Bullet Camera KitNightwatcher £500★★★★★

The table above does not include all of the information you might need - for more data, just take a look at the sections below.

Yale Smart Living HD720

Yale Smart Living HD720

This is an affordable security kit for a small retail outlet. The HD720 high definition cameras have 30 metres enhanced night vision capability, 24 LED’s and a 60-degree viewing angle. Images are recorded and stored from the 1TB hard drive. You can view the live-video feed from your tablet or phone with an internet or WiFi connection and the Yale app.

You can choose to record from the three formats available: continuous, time-scheduled or motion detection. The Yale system has a manufacturer guarantee of two years and you can buy it for around £220.

Nightwatcher 8NVR CCTV Bullet Camera Kit

Nightwatcher 8NVR CCTV Bullet Camera Kit

A mid-range camera kit with four, 720p day and night cameras, which have weatherproof casings for outdoor or indoor use. The camera range is up to 25 metres, if you need to, you can add additional cameras to the system as it works eight channels and can support another four devices. The kit also includes a 2TB hard drive, which means plenty of storage space.

The video will capture images for up to 40 days, with full screen, record and playback features. The images can be viewed in real-time on your TV, or from your smartphone using the Nightwatchercloud app. You can buy the 8NVR camera kit for around £480.

Lorex LNR1182TC-4P

Lorex LNR1182TC-4P

If you’re looking for a state of the art security system at an affordable price, the Lorex HD security camera kit is perfect for a retail business which needs multiple cameras.

The system has one cable to each camera, which makes installation faster and simpler. You get 1089p high definition real-time recording and video and power from just one Ethernet cable. Continuous recording with live-view and simultaneous playback on the same scree, means it’s easy to control. The cameras have 32 LED’s, a 40-metre range for night vision and a 72-degree viewing angle. The weatherproof camera casing makes it ideal for outdoor or indoor use. The Lorex system costs around £700.

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The information on this page has been designed to provide retail store managers and owners with enough information to decide upon the best equipment choices for them.

For even more insight though, you should speak to top UK suppliers today - Approved Index can help with this process.

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