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Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM logo

Capsule CRM is ideal for small to medium sized companies to help them keep track of all their business and customer contacts. Not only this, but you can follow all the interactions that are conducted along the way. This allows you to see a complete timeline of communication, which can be useful in reducing customer queries and gaining better customer satisfaction.

Capsule have also built in an easy to use ticket management module that helps staff to resolve any customer queries and issues. Upcoming actions to complete are notified in advance to help staff understand what tasks need to be done and when.

The programme can be customised to fit the needs and requirements of the company. Among other things, this allows you to define your sales routes with the ability to set milestones at stages along the pipeline. Revenue forecasts can be drawn from the milestones you set so you can create projections for future turnover and profit.

Capsule is very flexible in its approach to integration. The software can integrate with many leading small-business systems used for email marketing, accounting and customer support, such as MailChimp.

The Benefits of Capsule

Cost effective

One of the best things about this package is that it is a very cost-effective option for a small or medium size business on a tight budget, currently priced at just £8.00 per month (Nov 15). To begin with you can even choose the free option that allows for up to 250 contact listings and upgrade when necessary. Useful for when you are just getting off the ground!

User friendly

One of the most positive aspects customers have reported about Capsule is its ease of use. The programme has a simple, straightforward design that is quite easy to pick up as you go along. You can tweak the look and feel by customising the colour scheme. This is good for making it look a bit more welcoming, and you may be able to align it closely with your company colours to blend in with your brand.

Cloud based server

Capsule CRM Example

Ease of access is another great advantage. Because it is a cloud based system, you can access it through a secure web link from anywhere, allowing for remote access by staff out in the field with a connection to the internet, or for satellite offices to touch base without having to travel to your head office of central hub. It also has an iPhone app so perfect for those on the move, who are meeting with clients and booking orders or appointments.

Easy importing

The import process is also very easy to use. New contacts can be directly imported into the main Capsule CRM on a weekly or monthly basis, and there is a very good set of duplicate management tools that alerts you immediately when it finds you are importing duplicate information. It can also pick up the organisation name on the record, and will let you see all the employees linked to that organisation after import.

Custom tags for organisation

You can create your own customised tags as you use the system without having to go into the settings and there is also a clean-up tool that you can use to get rid of any unused tags. It is very easy to add tags to existing client listings immediately, saving you time or from having to remember to add them later.

The Limitations of Capsule

There is very little to dislike about Capsule and the issues that have drawn some negative feedback from customers using the system are quite small and may well not be very relevant to the majority of satisfied users.

One small issue mentioned by some users was that when you enter a new contact, you can only list them as being employed by one firm or company. There is no option to list an individual as working for more than one company, which can often be the case for some contacts that may work more than one job, or run two separate yet linked businesses.

Another small gripe is that Capsule don't seem to have any tutorial videos on their YouTube channel. Maybe this is something that Capsule are working on, but it would be useful for new users to have and it is something that is quite commonly done by other CRM companies for their customers.

Capsule Prices

PackageCostMain Features
FreeFreeUp to 2 users
Up tp 250 contacts
10MB storage
Unlimited opportunities
Unlimited cases
Professional£8 per month, per userUnlimited users
Up to 50, 000 contacts
2GB storage
Unlimited opportunities
Unlimited cases

Capsule Verdict

Capsule is a simple system to use, and great for those small and medium sized businesses who don't want a CRM system that is over-complicated and difficult to implement. Capsule also have a very good support site, so if you are ever at a loss about anything, it is there to answer your questions.

The system integrates well with email and social media, and even those traditionalists who are not yet sold on how useful CRM can be for their business may become convinced of its value.

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