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CRM Prices

CRM on desktop and tablet

Price is obviously a prime consideration in any CRM purchasing decision. However, getting guideline prices can be tricky online and this can initially make sourcing a CRM solution seem like a difficult task.

This is more down to the nature of CRM systems than the suppliers themselves – bespoke CRM solutions need to be tailored to the customer and the amount of work that goes into this varies, affecting price greatly. Still, it’s good to have an idea of what might and what might not be affordable before you start looking in depth at particular solutions.

If you are looking for CRM, but want to find out more about the prices on offer then this page may be useful. In the content below, we have pulled together a number of costs and options so that you can try to decide which choice will be most suited to your business.

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CRM Options

Broadly speaking there are two main ways to pay for a CRM system: you can either pay monthly per user for an externally hosted solution i.e. software as a service, or purchase the software up front and host it internally on your own hardware.

The advantages of the hosted option are that there are no huge outlay up front and no need for your own servers, which can be difficult to upkeep.

The advantages of an on-premises solution are that there are no ongoing fees and a greater control over your own system and data.

Hosted CRM Solutions

Hosted CRM solutions are sometimes known as cloud-based CRM systems. Hosted CRM systems are great for smaller businesses as they do not need to be installed on an internal server. They are often set on price tiers, defined by the amount of users within your business so it is easy to start with one or two users and build up as your company grows.

We have profiled some of the most popular options to give you an idea of what can be expected from a hosted CRM service.

Hosted CRM PackageMonthly CostYearly Cost
Microsoft Dynamics£22.75£273

The table above only includes the most basic information about these Hosted CRM Solutions - for more detail about each, simply read the content below.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics Logo

Microsoft offers both an on-premise and a fully scalable cloud CRM solution that includes;

  • 200 workflows
  • 300 custom entities
  • 5Gb of data storage
  • Significant customisation
  • Guarantee of 99.9% uptime

Prices start from £22.75 per user per month.


Salesforce offer a variety of cloud based CRM systems that integrate with your email, your website and even your Google Adwords account for managing leads and contacts.

  • The most basic option is the Contact Manager, priced from £1.20 per user per month
  • The Group version allows full tracking of sales and leads, reporting and telephone support. It’s priced from £10.20 per user per month
  • The full Professional version is a complete CRM solution which also provided off-line access and is priced at £45 per user per month


Workbooks LogoThis web based CRM package is priced at £19 per user per month. Workbooks many features include;
  • Sales tools
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Reporting features
  • Data export options
  • Help desk support
  • Audits and contract management (Additional cost may apply)
  • Guaranteed 99.5% service level agreement

On-premises CRM Solutions

An on-premise solution can be customised almost without limit. Consequently prices vary greatly depending on how much work you need or want done. CRM prices are composed of two elements – user licences for the appropriate software e.g Microsoft Enterprise Server, and the support and development work required for the build and installation.

With on-premise solutions you pay the costs up front for perpetual user licences (normally licenced to individuals so they can access the CRM from different computers or online) and a set period of support e.g. 2 years from installation.

For enterprise level CRM software prices for individual user licences start at around £500. The cost for design, implementation, training and server licences can cost several thousand pounds depending on the scale and scope of the system required.

On-premises CRM PackageMonthly CostYearly Cost


Goldmine Logo

Goldmine offers 3 main levels of service, each needs to be directly installed on an internal server.

  • Enterprise Edition focuses on sales, marketing and customer support
  • Premium Edition offers greater reporting and analysis
  • Corporate Edition focuses on generating and organising new leads and marketing opportunities

Comparing CRM Prices

In order to accurately gauge prices for on-premises or cloud-based CRM solutions it is best to gather quotes from several suppliers. Be sure to investigate different software providers (e.g. Microsoft, Goldmine, Sage, Act!) as well as different suppliers.

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