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Goldmine CRM

Goldmine Logo

Goldmine is one of the most popular CRM solutions in the world with a user base of over 1.2 million. Designed to run on Windows based networks, Goldmine CRM software is proprietary software which runs on internal servers or shared systems i.e. there is no ‘cloud’ based Goldmine option.

Goldmine CRM Benefits

CRM software from Goldmine incorporates features to enhance the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of sales, marketing and customer services operations. It does this by collecting and organising data from customer interactions in such a way that valuable metrics can be extracted to measure performance, response times, ROI and opportunities.

    CRM man with iPad
  • Contact management means all your customer and prospect data is on-hand and can be organised in a variety of ways to better design marketing campaigns and better respond to customer needs
  • Scheduling of calls or emails and automation of some simpler tasks (e.g. thank you or order confirmation emails) allow more time for customer relationship cultivation and less time wrestling with data
  • Sharing of data between departments increases efficiency and improves customer experience
  • Advanced reporting tools allow for the tracking of performance versus targets, lost opportunities and return on investment
  • Synchronisation with Outlook and mobile devices keeps data accurate, up to date and useful even when on the go
  • Integration with web and social media makes tracking customer interaction across several channels easy and informative

Goldmine CRM Options

There are three main Goldmine CRM software options:

  • Goldmine Enterprise Edition
  • Goldmine Premium Edition
  • Goldmine Corporate Edition
  • Each needs to be installed on an internal server.

    The first two options combine sales, marketing and customer support with Premium Edition providing more functionality and a greater depth of reporting, analysis and customisation. The Corporate Edition focuses on winning new business and so excludes the customer support features found in the other two.

    Goldmine CRM Software Prices

    Goldmine CRM is supplied by FrontRange solutions who sell through registered partners. These suppliers can tailor Goldmine software to meet a company’s specific needs, planning the implementation with the client and providing the training and support necessary.

    Prices therefore vary depending on the number of users, edition and the amount of work required for installation, implementation and training. A company looking to procure Goldmine CRM should gather multiple quotes to accurately compare prices between suppliers of Goldmine and alternative CRM platforms.

    It is recommended to get at least 3 quotes for CRM software. Use Approved Index to Compare Prices from UK CRM Suppliers.

    Goldmine Case studies

    AB Orthodontics

    AB Orthodontics Logo

    AB Orthodontics provide orthodontic equipment to hundreds of surgeries, in multiple countries. As their sales team often works remotely, travelling from location to location, they found there was often a breakdown in communication between them and the team back at the main office.

    AB Orthodontics decided to streamline their out of date communications process by installing Goldmine CRM, with the help of a dedicated systems integrator. The system allows for all daily sales logs to be filed and stored in a way that allows them to be used to create forecasts and other useful reports for future decision making.

    AB Orthodontics claim that the payback from installing Goldmine was instant. They saved revenue they didn’t even know they were losing, simply by collating all of their customer information and sales team activity into one, user-friendly system.

    Air Animal

    Air Animals Logo

    Air Animal offer an international moving service for those emigrating or moving domestically with their pets. Air Animal were struggling to keep a clear record of contact with each individual customer. Their manual system was allowing leads to be lost or followed up by more than one member of the team.

    Air Animal decided to invest in Goldmine Premium. Goldmine allows everyone in the Air Animal team to track each lead through a timeline from first contact to post-service follow ups. This creates a much quicker response to each new lead and allows the sales teams to build up individual relationships with each client they see through the buying process.

    Air Animal saw their best revenue in over 30 years after installing Goldmine and they predict that this will continue to rise by up to 10% this year.

    Comparing Quotes for Goldmine Systems

    Approved Index provides a fast and free way to compare quotes from leading UK suppliers of Goldmine CRM software.

    As Goldmine is a bespoke solution it is recommended that you receive multiple quotes before making a decision. Simply fill out the form above to receive up to 4 free, no-obligation quotes today.

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