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Implementing CRM

Implementing CRM into your company can be a great way to increase productivity and profits.

Follow these Top Tips to successfully implement a new CRM system and remember to monitor the success of your software, as you may need to tweak it in the future if you find that it is not delivering the results you expect.

Top 10 Tips for Implementing CRM Successfully

CRM on Desktop and Tablet

1. Do Your Research

It may seem like an obvious and boring place to start, but there are hundreds of CRM suppliers out there and jumping into the wrong one could end up being a costly mistake!

You don’t need to research every single CRM company in the UK, but it is useful to have a look at what sort of features are available and common price tiers.

2. Create a Dedicated Team

This is one of the best tips for successfully rolling out a new CRM system. Create a team with representatives from each department to be involved in the buying, installing and integrating phases of the project. This will ensure that the best software for the needs of the entire business is selected and it will make the process of adopting the new system much smoother.

3. Choose the Most Important Features

CRM Software often focuses on different elements, such as marketing automation database analytics. Depending on the needs of your company you may wish to choose a CRM package that is particularly useful for one of these elements. For example Microsoft Dynamics has very good database features, whereas Zoho is more known for excellent contact management.

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4. Pick a Platform

CRM software can be hosted 2 ways; on-premise or via cloud. If you decide to host the software on-premise it will be installed onto your server and you will have full control and responsibility over the technical maintenance of the system. If you opt for a cloud-based system, you will essentially pay a user fee to access the software online from the company’s host server. Read more about the pros and cons of each platform on our CRM types page.

5. Get Quotes

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to get multiple quotes before settling on a CRM supplier. CRM is a long-term investment and you want to be sure you are getting the right deal. We recommend that you get at least three quotes and carefully compare them before making a final decision. Approved Index can help you get up to 4 obligation free quotes from trusted UK suppliers.

6. Look at Company Reviews

Obviously if you look at the website of any CRM supplier they are going to claim that they are the best at what they do! This is why it is so important to use independent websites, such as Approved Index, in order to investigate the true benefits and drawbacks of different companies.

We have profiled some of the UK’s top companies to get you started, you can find the full reviews here:

7. Customise

CRM on Tablet

Most CRM systems can be fully customised to suit your needs. This versatility may come through setting up a bespoke package, or it may be found through multiple add-ons. Either way it is important to find out what the limits are to customising your software. You do not want to be lacking vital features or paying for elements that are not relevant to your business.

8. Allow for Scalability

Hopefully your business will continue to grow in the future, so you need to look for CRM software that can grow with you. Many CRM providers offer their services on a ‘per user’ basis. This means that more employees can be added whenever necessary at an additional cost. One of the best CRM suppliers for scalability are Maximizer, as their software can be optimised for any level- from sole trader to large corporation.

9. Get Trained Up

Training for CRM comes in many forms and it doesn’t have to be arduous or expensive. Some companies offer traditional training either on-site or at their own premises. However, more and more companies are offering online training videos that can be digested at your own pace with the full support of a 24/7 customer service team to answer any questions.

10. Utilise Customer Support

As mentioned above, customer support is often a key selling point for software providers. When you are looking for a CRM supplier make sure that they offer extensive customer support. Do not be afraid to utilise this service, especially throughout the implementing stage.

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