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Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Software has recently become a hot topic in the business world, but often the definitions you find online are confusing and difficult to grasp. Marketing Automation is a key feature of many CRM software systems. In its simplest form, marketing automation is a software that automates manual and repetitive marketing and sales tasks.

Marketing Automation is all about streamlining activities which have become increasingly time consuming and complex. It aims to raise efficiency by simplifying marketing and sales processes and offering increased measurability across all your marketing channels.

Marketing Automation software will allow comprehensive campaign management across email marketing, direct mail, mobile and social media. There is a significant emphasis on growing revenue by wringing out the most value from each of your customers.

How Marketing Automation Works

Capsule Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Software deals with seeing a lead through the entirety of the marketing funnel. From initial interest, to qualified customer, right through to relationship management.

The software has the ability to do this through a system that captures all data associated with each individual lead gathered from your various marketing channels. It then makes sense of all this abstract data, enabling you to make controlled and meaningful decisions based on your customers’ activities.

You are then able to tailor your content based on where these prospects sit within the buyers cycle.

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Marketing Automation Features

There are some common features usually found within a marketing automation system, including:


This make sense of your data from all channels (email marketing, direct mail, mobile etc.), allowing automated decisions to be made.

Detailed Reporting

Often displayed in a handy dashboard, you can see exactly what is happening across all campaigns. You are able to cut the data any way you like, giving you the control to optimise your marketing in line with your core metrics.

Marketing Automation

Multi-Channel Marketing

The software greatly aids consistency by integrating with all of your marketing channels and bringing that information together into one location.

Email Marketing platform

This allows you to send automated tailored messaging.

Contact Management

This is an important part of the system, which allows you to form and grow relationships with your customer.

Marketing Automation Benefits

There are several benefits to implementing a marketing automation system;

  • Making sense of ‘big data’
    It can be difficult to understand what all your data means, especially when it comes from so many different sources. Marketing Automation allows you to make meaningful deductions from all that juicy ‘big data’ your business holds.
  • Measurability
    A marketing automation system analyses your campaigns and quantifies their effectiveness across channels.
  • Increased Control
    With increased measurability you are able to know exactly what you are gaining from your spend; from response rates to repeat buyers.
  • Segmentation
    Marketing Automation Software enables you to dissect your customers based on their needs, interests and communications- believe us it goes far beyond demographics!.
  • Targeting
    The software allows you to send the right message at the right time to the right people.
  • Lead Nurturing
    Keeps customers engaged through tailored marketing and CRM.
  • Social Media Measurability
    It’s difficult to know how your social media is performing, especially for B2B companies. Marketing Automation Software demystifies what you're gaining from social activity.

Marketing CRM for Your Company

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