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Sage CRM

Sage CRM Logo

Sage offer a relatively easy and adaptable CRM system, suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

Sage CRM offers all the essential solutions expected of a comprehensive package right through to advanced campaign management, and allows for multiple departments to have access so no-one is left in the dark.

Depending on the type of business you run, you can choose from cloud based CRM, or on-premise software, where everything is run in a centralised manner from one base. The cloud based solution offer the greatest access to companies who have staff based remotely and can give them mobile or web access to use on the go, or from a satellite office based in a different location.

The system is quite easy to navigate, but there is expert help and support available for those who need it. There is a new Sage CRM sales app for Android this year, as well as updates for the existing iPhone sales app.

This year has seen new updates added with a new Sales KPI for Managers dashboard that displays useful key performance indicators, to help identify and measure your sales activities. You will now find it easier to keep track of monthly sales trends, sales targets, and even customers or clients that are at risk of being lost.

The Advantages of Sage CRM

Cloud-based server option

The cloud based service is a great option for a sole trader or small to medium sized business who need a cost-effective system to fit within their budget. The smaller options still allow for all the basic sales and marketing needs smaller companies want, as well as time saving customer support automation, without the hefty pay-out associated with traditional on-premise CRM.

User friendly

Sage CRM Charts

Sage CRM has a familiar and comfortable look with a classic browser-based access point. There are easy to read tabs and navigation menus that are all straightforward and user friendly. You can quickly perform searches, view individual or team CRM activity, create new listings and records, and access the reporting or marketing sections.

Easy navigation

You can switch to administration mode to manage users and perform other management and admin tasks within the system, configure reports, manage data etc. If you are working on a project, you can take a short-cut and quickly return to where you left off through the 'Recent' tab, where you will get a drop down list of your recent places within the system.

Customisable dashboards

The dashboard is fully interactive, and you can choose a predefined dashboard for your customer services, sales or marketing activities, or even create your own bespoke dashboard to suit your needs. You are able to add up to six different components to any of your dashboards, making it easy to customise your boards to suit your requirements without any unnecessary clutter. The dashboard options of Sage CRM are one of their most powerful plus points, and are why many CRM users give this system an above-average quality rating.

Sage CRM Prices

Sages’ prices are quite affordable, and there are currently three CRM levels to choose from, each available at a different price setting:

Sage CRM Essentials£20 per user per monthSuitable for a sole trader or small business. Up to 250 users.
Sage CRM Professional£50 per user per monthSuitable for small businesses. Up to 250 users.
Sage CRM On-PremisePrice quoted upon request according to your needsSuitable for large businesses. Up to 1000 users.

With all three CRM packages you can manage your contact base in one centralised place. You can also keep track of your leads from initial contact all the way through to the point of sale. Using the in-built tools you can build a better relationship with your existing clients, as well as attract new ones.

The Limitations of Sage CRM

Most other CRM packages allow you to export data to a spreadsheet for further analysis and will allow you to export in different file formats such as PDF or XLS. Unfortunately, Sage CRM data is only exportable in CSV, meaning that it cannot be exported into a spreadsheet.

Sage CRM Graphs

Integration is also a bit of a sticking point, although strides are being taken to address this. The latest updates made earlier this year now allow Sage CRM to integrate with MailChimp, whereas before it would only integrate with Outlook, so some progress has been made here.

New updates earlier this year have also added additional charts and reports enabling you to create quick visual reports, which will be useful out in the field for at-a-glance assessments and informed decision-making. However, these are still not printable or exportable, so are only useful for quick insights.

Sage CRM has yet to provide a way to track your competition to see how you are comparing with them. Most other CRM software enables this, so hopefully this is something we will see addressed by Sage in the future.

Sage Verdict

Sage CRM software is highly customisable, which is a big draw for many companies looking to tailor their CRM to fit their needs. However, it can take a bit of patience to get to grips with the nuances of the system. Once mastered though, it can be very effective and efficient.

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