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SugarCRM Logo

SugarCRM is a big name in the American CRM market. However, it is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and Europe too, as it is provided through many of SugarCRM’s worldwide partners. The company was founded in 2004 in California and has since grown to include over 350 partner companies, offering SugarCRM’s solutions to over 30 countries worldwide.

Benefits of SugarCRM

Sole Trader
  • Staging
    SugarCRM has the option of being available as either an on-site installation or a remote, cloud-based service; giving business the flexibility to chose the platform most suitable for them. With either option users will have access to online support staff and your business will be assigned a dedicated account manager.
  • Sales Automation and Forecasting
    All SugarCRM price tiers have built in sales automation and forecasting. Sales automation allows users to automate certain sales features, such as sending follow up emails to encourage additional purchases. This automation frees up valuable time for the sales team, who can then concentrate on generating new, unique leads. Sales forecasting can predict trends based on previous sales patterns and advise your sales team what the most profitable actions are to take.
  • Mobile Solution
    SugarCRM Mobile is available for all SugarCRM customers. The app integrates with the parent software seamlessly and gives you access to all the customer information you need, directly onto your phone or tablet. SugarCRM Mobile is particularly useful for businesses with sales teams who frequently travel out of office.

Sugar CRM Pricing

SugarCRM comes in 3 price tiers, each tier offers a different level of service.

Sugar Professional

  • £320 per user, annually:
    This package will offer everything most small businesses will need, including lead management, online support and SugarCRM Mobile.

Sugar Enterprise

  • £520 per user, annually:
    The Enterprise edition includes everything from the professional version, with a few extras for those who want to really make the most of their CRM. Sugar Enterprise includes an advanced visual workflow designer, making it easier to display data in a way that the whole company can understand.

Sugar Ultimate

  • £1, 200 per user, annually:
    The Ultimate package includes all the benefits of the Enterprise solution and more. This package will suit larger companies who want to maximise the effect of their CRM software on workflow and profits. With the Ultimate edition, your company will be assigned a designated SugarCRM technical account manager.

SugarCRM Case Studies


Loomis Logo

Loomis are cash management specialists, based in the UK but with over 400 offices worldwide. This vast network of employees and customers means that they need to stay on top of their contact and operations data.

Loomis found that their old CRM software was not customisable to their specific needs. It did not allow for easy flow of information between their various teams and it did not offer any valuable suggestions in regards to where sales and marketing efforts should be focused.

SugarCRM’s Professional package was the solution to Loomis’s CRM problems. Sugar allowed Loomis to have full control of their operations data and communicate it effectively between their global teams. Since installing Sugar, Loomis have gained 25% savings back on their outgoing costs and saw a positive ROI after just 3 months.


GForces Logo

Gforce are a UK based company offering innovative software services within the automotive industry. They operate all across the UK and Europe, with offices in the Middle East too.

Gforces needed to cut down on the amount they were spending on CRM software, so they tried SugarCRM’s free 30 day trial and didn’t look back! Sugar offered them the flexibility they needed, whilst keeping costs low. One of the key features that Gforces liked about Sugar was their mobile solution, as Gforces representatives often need to access data out of the office.

Switching to Sugar saved Gforces over 300% on their CRM subscription costs per employee.

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