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Best Direct Mail Marketing Examples

Direct Mail Marketing is a cost-efficient and powerful tool – and as these five campaigns show, can be an incredibly effective way of getting a message across. We’ve cherry-picked some of the most successful direct mail initiatives from the last few years and looked at exactly what makes them successful.

What is consistent in all of these examples is that they are headline makers. From the Kit Kat Chunky direct mailing campaign to the folding cardboard phonograph, these five examples read like a blue print for what it takes to craft a memorable and attention grabbing direct mail strategy. The architects of these campaigns set out with the same singular objective as you’re most likely considering now - to connect with customers in their own environment, whether that is the home or office.

If you’re looking to spark some creativity, take note of these prolific achievers, all of which captured the imagination of the marketing and public world alike. Each great in their own way, these campaigns were able to grab hold of the recipient and get people talking about the product.

Top Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Skoda Direct Mail Campaign Example

Skoda Direct Mail Example

To highlight the driver assist feature on their Yeti model, Skoda sent out marketing postcards with an image of a couple of parked cars on the front with another one attached to the back. The recipient was instructed to remove the car on the back and place it in a specific place on the front of the card. As Skoda built in magnets, the car simply moved into the space available on the image.

Why Was It So Successful?

The card, like the driver assist feature, was innovative. Clever and well executed, Skoda’s postcard interacted with the recipient and conveyed a message without needing to say a word.

Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions (GGRP) Direct Mail Campaign Example

GGRP Direct Mail Example

Back in 2009, Vancouver-based GGRP began a direct mail campaign to creative directors at selected advertising agencies in order to highlight their sound production services. The campaign featured a folding cardboard phonograph and unsurprisingly went viral, creating a buzz of industry attention for the company – not to mention capturing the imagination of the ad agencies themselves.

Why Was It So Successful?

Originality is the number one reason that this campaign was so successful. After all, how many cardboard record players do you own?

Another reason why it has become one of the most loved campaigns in direct mail history – even after six years – is that it’s so tactile. Not simply a throwaway flyer or booklet, these phonographs are probably still sitting in desk drawers to this day. A brilliant example of old meets new.

World Water Day Direct Mail Campaign Example

World Water Day Direct Mail Example

For World Water Day in Belgium in 2009, Green Belgium launched a truly innovative campaign that set the direct mail standard in the charity sector. Raising awareness on the importance of water, a blue-coloured mailer was sent out with instructions encouraging the recipient to hold it under running water.

Why Was It So Successful?

You can put the success of this campaign down to good old fashioned human curiosity. Creating an air of mystery, the flyer piqued people’s interests just enough for them to follow the instructions. After all, wouldn’t you wonder why anyone would tell you to hold a piece of paper under a running tap?

Once recipients followed these instructions, they were exposed to the real message. Even if they did not act or donate, they did take in the information that Green Belgium had sent out to them.

Kit Kat Chunky Direct Mail Campaign Example

Kit Kat Chunky Direct Mail Example

A strong, eye-catching and familiar looking flyer was used by Nestle to advertise their Kit Kat Chunky in 2012. Communicating its ‘chunkiness’, the firm sent out a Royal Mail-inspired card that stated that the recipient’s KitKat couldn’t be posted because it was “too chunky for your letterbox”.

The best touch? Recipients were advised to collect their free bar at a nearby location.

Why Was it so successful?

Echoing the design of missed delivery notes was a genius move by the company. Mimicking a familiar and trusted symbol subconsciously creates a feeling of confidence and loyalty in the recipient.

The fact that Nestle also offered a free chocolate bar probably didn’t hurt either.

Smart Bike Helment Direct Mail Campaign Example

Smart Bike Helmet Direct Mail Example

The ‘mail helmet’ was sent out by Smart to advertise its new range of e-bikes to cycling enthusiasts. Made from recycled cardboard, the helmet highlighted the car maker’s commitment to innovation, design and being environmentally friendly.

Posted out flat and disassembled, it gave recipients the opportunity to build their own unique Smart helmet – ideal for a Smart bike.

Why Was it so successful?

Similarly to the GGRP mail, the mail helmet served a purpose. Although not everyone will have used the helmet, it did act as a good novelty item, getting people talking about the helmet on social media platforms and highlighting Smart’s new offering.

Make The Best Direct Mail Marketing Example For Your Business

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