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Consumer Data

Consumer Data

Consumer data helps B2C marketers better understand their target audience. For direct mailing, a quality database can significantly improve both the targeting and execution of a campaign, leading to improved results and profits.

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What is Consumer Data?

Buying data is vital for businesses looking to understand their market, and consumer data is integral for those providing B2C products and services. Whether you are looking to launch a direct mail campaign or just better understand the needs of your clients, it is important that you have the statistics and figures that you need.

As a provider of goods or services to consumer audience, you will always be looking for ways to reach out to potential new customers and retain the interest of those who have bought from you before. In either case, it is no good opting for a scattergun approach to marketing. Consumer Data provides B2C businesses with the figures needed to ensure that their marketing material reaches the right prospect.

Using B2C Data

Properly using a consumer database can be the difference between generating a whole host of new sales enquiries and putting a hole in your profit margins.

Some of the distinctions possible to include in consumer data can include:

  • Geographical location
  • Age range
  • Sex
  • Income
  • Career status
  • Family status
  • Homeowner or renter
  • Interests

It is important to remember that use of B2C data is controlled by strict guidelines and that you cannot rent consumer data for more than a one-off campaign. Considering B2C database costs as a part of your budget is important in ensuring that your campaign can be as profitable as possible.

Will Consumer Data help me?

If you work in or for a B2C business then consumer data will be most useful to you. Whether you are considering a direct mail drive or looking into as yet unexplored profit avenues, the best way to proceed is with a wealth of information available to you. Your best efforts are likely to fall flat if they are not properly supported by objectives founded in quality data.

If you have not yet made use of a consumer database in your B2C operations yet then consider what level of profit you might be missing out on. It may be that your business retains customers without employing consumer data and without having to market, but that only leads to questions about how much better it could be doing if you started making use of the information that’s out there.

Consumer Data can have a massive impact on sales and on a brand’s sense of identity, and not making use of it is a surefire way to miss out on the potential gains that it offers.

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Consumer Data Benefits

B2C mailing lists are beneficial to all marketers no matter their experience, and the advantages that come with consumer data can improve any marketing campaign.

  • Save Money and Time. By using targeted consumer data, marketers are able to better execute their campaigns, reaching more prospective clients while cutting out material previously wasted on people unlikely to become customers.
  • Improve Consumer Retention. By understanding their target audience, direct mailers are able to create materials that better match the needs and desires of prospective clients. This is never a bad thing and ambitious marketers will revel in any opportunity they get to better understand their audience.
  • New Customers. Even you feel like your business is doing well there is a strong chance that you can expand it. Consumer mailing lists offer businesses the chance to reach new customers with offers, products and services that will appeal to them. This eliminates the need for blind marketing which can be a real drain on profit.

Buy consumer data to ensure that you don't miss the market. Understanding your clients is vital to success, and if you want to improve then research is going to be a huge asset. B2C direct mailing relies on good information, so start comparing now to get ahead of your competition.

Buying a Consumer Database

The key to buying a consumer database that will work for you is in understanding the factors that affect its quality. As soon as you decide to purchase a database based on quality rather than quantity, you minimise the risks and maximise your potential for increased profit.

Some of the most important factors in buying quality consumer data include:

  • Using a reputable data provider. Ensuring that your data supplier is going to provide a good service is as simple as asking questions and doing a little research. Look at their website and take a note of reviews and testimonials, if you aren’t satisfied by what they are offering or with their reputation then you should look elsewhere. Fortunately, Approved Index only works with reputable consumer data suppliers which have been carefully vetted against industry best practices.
  • Relevance. Some B2C data sellers may compile lists containing leads that, although they are authentic, do not match the objectives of your business. Finding a broker who has experience in your industry or sector is the best way to ensure relevancy and expertise.
  • Data ‘Freshness’. There can be a risk with less scrupulous suppliers that the data you are buying is no longer in date. If this is the case then it won’t be effective. Asking questions about data freshness and about proof of compilation date is the best way to avoid outdated information.
  • Quantity. A bigger list isn’t always a better one. If you are a small business with limited resources, then there’s little point in purchasing a list to match the needs of a company four times your size. Buy the number of consumer leads you can give attention to and limit the loss of profit that can come with overstretching.

As mentioned, Approved Index only works with reputable B2C data suppliers and so you can be sure that the quotes you receive are of the highest standard.

Consumer Data Quotes

If you are a B2C business looking to find new customers or better retain the ones you already have, then purchasing consumer data could be the answer. Going forward without the right information is an excellent way to lose out. Fortunately, Approved Index can help you compare top UK consumer data suppliers to find the best offers.

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