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Direct Mail Marketing for Real Estate

Direct Mail Marketing for Real Estate

Direct Mail Marketing is a long-established tool for real estate agents that allows them to market to prospective buyers with visually interesting materials. Often you can find examples of real estate marketing postcards, for example, either inside the estate agents’ offices, or else sent out in the post.

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The Benefits of Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing

As mentioned above, direct mail allows real estate agents to market directly to prospective buyers with targeted and visual material. Property is a product that, more than most, needs pictures to sell and so something like a postcard or leaflet is likely to be the material favoured by realtors.

The benefits of real estate direct mail marketing are varied and well worth bearing in mind if you are considering employing it as part of your marketing strategy.

  • Visual. Real estate, as mentioned, relies on visual selling. Whereas some businesses can get away with not using pictures for their products or services, realtors need to make an impression. Using direct mail that shows off the houses on your books is a good way to get prospective buyers interested.
  • Targeting. Real estate trends are pretty well documented, and for companies that use well-maintained direct mailing lists it is more than possible to specifically target the demographics most likely to convert into clients. This not only relies on targeting the right customers, but also on targeting them with houses and property most likely to appeal to their situation.
  • Location. As above, real estate trends can often be a real help for companies looking to market their properties. Knowing where people want to move and what kind of property they’re interested in can really help you to market your own portfolio. If a particular area is popular and affordable, then a good direct mail campaign could give you a real chance to capitalise on current trends.

If you’d like to start a campaign based on good research then buying data could be a good place to start. Alternatively, if you are interested in cost then finding out about direct mail prices could help you to start planning your campaign.

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Direct Mail Realtor Brand Building

Aside from the primary sales focus that forms a large part of all your marketing efforts, not just your direct mail campaign, it’s important that real estate agents and companies can build a relationship with prospective clients that is based on trust.

When buying and selling property you are likely to be dealing with substantial sums of money, which always means that there has to be a level of confidence between realtors and their clients. Building your brand through responsible and professional direct mailing is a vital part of this process. It may be that you are early in your process and need to put some effort into obtaining b2c data to start targeting the right prospects, or it could be that you already have this information and want to make the most of it. In either case, proceeding responsibly and professionally is the best way to build your foundation as a reputable marketer.

Imagine that you are considering selling or buying a house. You are likely to have a few companies in mind already - some of them will be local agencies with a physical presence, and some may be companies or agencies that you have found online. A prospective buyer or seller is unlikely to use a company based on just one small bit of contact so if you are expecting a whole heap of customers based on just one direct mail send out, then you’re probably going to be disappointed.

Sending out material to the same addresses will, over time, help you to build your brand into their awareness. It may not be that they are willing to buy or sell property based on the first piece of mail that they receive from you, but it could be that after they receive one, two or three postcards or leaflets and have a chance to look into your services, they start to trust that you as a reputable service provider.

This process is important for both buyers and sellers - as mentioned, the sums of money often involved in the property market mean that trust is a huge factor in gaining clients. Exposing potential customers to your business is an excellent way to start building this trust early. Including personal touches like names and pictures for specific agents is a very important part of the process, and working with experienced direct mail marketers is an excellent way to avoid missing any of these vital details.

Compare Real Estate Direct Mail Marketing Options

If you are a real estate agent who wants to build upon previous campaigns or get started with this form of marketing for the first time, then the best way to proceed is with quotes and prices from a number of agencies. Approved Index only works with the best companies so that we can offer you the best services and prices to help your business.

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