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Direct Mail Marketing Prices

Direct Mail Costs and Prices

A direct mail advertising campaign is made up of various stages, each of which can be fulfilled by one or more companies.

It can be very difficult for the first time direct mail marketer to pin down a budget thanks to a number of variations, with everything from size of campaign to type of mailing material contributing to pricing trouble. We are therefore unable to give concrete figure as to how much your campaign might cost.

What we can do though, is provide you with enough information so that you can confidently assess your needs, get quotes and compare companies and providers.

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Cost of a Direct Mail Campaign

To help with understanding the costing that comes with direct mail, we’ve created a 3 stage guide for you to consider. However, for people who just want a basic oversight of the costs they will encounter, we have also created the table below.

Buy DataBuying data gives your business access to quality potential customers. The best data will help your business to sell more and grow.£300-£500
MaterialMaterial includes both the material you design, as well as the production process behind it. This cost will depend entirely on scale.£100+
FulfillmentIncluding the cost of delivery - including postage and any other extras - fulfillment is how your material reaches your clients.£500+

The information in this table estimates the total cost for a small to medium sized direct mail campaign. The cost of your campaign may be more or less, depending on what kind of process you require. The best way to get accurate cost estimates is to fill in the form at the top of this page and compare quotes from top UK direct mail agencies.

Stage 1: Buy Data

If you already have a database that you will be using for your campaign then you can skip past to Stage 2. For everyone else, renting a data list can be a quick way to reach thousands of targeted potential customers. This data is available from a variety of data providers and generally falls into three categories:

  • B2C data can be selected based on a number of individual consumer distinctions. It can generally only be used on a one-off basis to ensure compliance with Data Protection laws and industry best practice. Prices range from 12p to 25p per contact.
  • B2B data can be organised based on a number of relevant factors. Normally you will be given the option to rent data for one-off or multiple use, or for unlimited use. Costs range from 10p per contact for one-off rental without phone number to 40p per contact for unlimited use with a phone number.
  • Public sector data is available for civil servants and other employees of publicly funded bodies. Prices can be as high as £1 per contact.

Data is commonly priced per 1,000 contacts, and most companies stipulate a minimum spend of £300-£500. It is worth remembering that if you find a supplier who is offering data a lot cheaper than this, then there is a good chance that what they’re offering you is of a low quality.

Stage 2: Material

If you have an in-house marketing team then you’ll probably already be on top of assembling materials for sending out and so you’ll want to skip ahead to Stage 3. If not, there are many companies that can help you.

Because an eye-catching design is increasingly essential for catching and keeping your audience’s attention, finding good quality creative input is vital. Marketing firms can help design and write sales letters or brochures for as little as a few hundred pounds. Be sure to choose a company that fits your brand image and ethos to make sure your campaign stays on message.

Next, you’ll need to print your materials. It’s recommended that you address recipients personally, so you will need to a mail merge using your own marketing list or the one you have rented. If the number of recipients is low enough, it’s probably easier to do this in-house and just outsource the printing process. Otherwise, a fulfilment company can print your material, stuff envelopes and perform the send out too.

Stage 3: Fulfillment

If you’ve assembled your material in-house then you can send it out as you would with any other post. But if you’re looking to combine Stage 2 and 3 of this process you can hire companies which will print, assemble, send and track your direct mail campaign. They can even help you manage your direct mailing lists and set up future campaigns.

Prices for fulfilment can start from £500 per campaign, rising depending on the number of recipients, international requirements, tracking services and some other variables.

Average Direct Mail Costs

As mentioned earlier in this page, it is not possible to give readers a definite direct mail price; however, it is possible to create a rough estimate based on the figures featured on the page above.

  1. Data: £300
  2. Printing: £200
  3. Fulfilment: £500
  4. Average direct mail cost per 1000 contacts: £1000
  5. Average direct mail cost per contact: £1

These figures use the average direct mail marketing costs based on around 1000 contacts and can be used as a benchmark for anyone estimating budgets before starting their campaign. Of course, some agencies will offer these services for more or less than the amount shown and some will offer discounts if you use them for all three stages, which is why Approved Index always recommends comparing quotes to ensure you get the best deal.

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Compare Direct Mail Marketing Prices

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