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Mailing List Brokers

Direct Mailing List Brokers

List Brokers work to provide direct mail marketers with the information they need to plan and create their advertising campaigns. A good mailing list can help businesses to understand their market, which can in turn help them to better market their products or services.

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What is a Mailing List Broker?

A mailing list broker works as an agent to help businesses get their direct mail advertising campaigns off the ground by providing targeted mailing lists containing the contact information for prospective customers or businesses. List Brokers gather business and consumer data from a variety of sectors and sources to provide their clients with a tailored list to match the needs of any campaign.

Some mailing list brokers put in extra effort to make their lists more comprehensive and better targeted. They break information down into demographics such as age and gender in the case of individual consumers, and may include information like location and industry for business lists.

In most cases, the list broker does not own the mailing list. As with real estate, their job is to act as an intermediary between buyer and seller.

In many cases, a direct mail list broker’s experience in their market enables them to make recommendations based on the specific needs of their clients’ campaign. Some list brokers also operate specifically in a certain niche or sector and so are well placed to offer sound business advice to those who need it.

Where does a Mailing List Broker's Data come from?

Direct Mailing List Brokers gather their databases from a variety of sources including:

  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Online Subscriptions
  • Competitions
  • Companies House

The brokers use this data to create lists according to various criteria, which are then suited for targeted campaigns and specific clients.

Mailing List Broker Methods

A mailing list broker’s methods will also depend on what sort of campaign a client is looking to run. If you are looking for a business database you will be able to specify:

  • Industry
  • Job Titles
  • Company Turnover
  • Employee Numbers
  • Geography

Whereas campaigns seeking b2c data may be more interested in:

  • Location
  • Income
  • Employment Status
  • Family Status
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Age & Gender

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Marketing List Broker Benefits

Direct Mail list brokers offer expertise that can improve the potential of any marketing campaign. Using a professional with a proven track record in your industry or sector is an excellent way to build momentum, and so comparing the service providers in Approved Index's directory is a great step to take if you want to earn more sales.

  • Mailing Lists. Direct Mailing list brokers can help you to target the prospective clients most likely to convert into sales. A good mailing list is essential to any direct mailing campaign, and so finding a reputable broker should be among the first steps when you are looking to advertise.
  • Expertise. Direct Mailing list brokers often work in the industry they know. Even if you have been running a company or working in a specific sector for years, there is a good chance that a list broker can offer you insights that you had not previously considered.

Marketing list brokers want your company to do as well as possible. The better you do, the better they do. Employing their services is a great step to take if you want your strategy to improve.

Choosing a Direct Mailing List provider

How well a mailing list provider can match your campaign needs will be of prime consideration, but there are other factors to consider which can dramatically affect the success of your direct mailing campaign.

  • Data Quality. What assurances about the quality of data does the supplier make? How recently was it collected? When was it checked for accuracy? Has it been checked against the MPS (mailing preference service)? Is the data opt-in? Is the broker a member of the Direct Marketers Association?
  • Additional Services. Does the list provider also offer fulfilment services? Will the cost of purchasing the complete service from one company be cheaper than obtaining data and fulfilment separately?

It is also important to ask the broker a few things before making your final selection:

  • How many lists do you represent?
  • What is your experience as a mailing list broker?
  • Do you have a website or portfolio?
  • Do you focus on any particular niche?

Getting the answer to these questions will enable you to determine how experienced and reputable a list broker is. Just as importantly, you get to know if the service provider you are talking to has enough experience in the niche or sector that you are targeting.

A quality list broker will also regularly update their own resources so that marketers can avoid common issues such as:

  • Duplicate entries
  • Inaccurate information
  • Outdated addresses and contact information
  • Deceased prospects

Approved Index recommends gathering quotes from as many mailing list suppliers as possible in order to build a clearer picture of what is available, as well as the cost and quality.

Compare UK Direct Mailing List Broker services and quotes

If you wish to engage in direct mail marketing, you will need a targeted list of prospects. On your own, compiling an appropriate list can be hassle. Although you have to pay for the service, using a list broker is excellent way to ensure that you have a clear and accurate idea about the prospects you are looking to approach. As mentioned in the sections above, the list you receive can be filtered according to any number of specifications, and many brokers will even shortlist the prospects they feel are most likely to become customers.

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